This deck is for F2P players that want a good control deck to help them win. It has a decent cost of 4 elixir, and this deck shines in Double Elixir Time. This deck doesn't have good air defense, so use air-targeting cards wisely. Otherwise, just apply pressure and play defensively to get that win!

Deck Information

Page Created by: desertfoxd7
Minimum Recommended King Level: 5
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Giant Skeleton: Giant Skeleton is the main defensive card of the deck. Just place it down to stop any push with mini tanks, like a Valkyrie or Barbarians.
Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army is also an important defensive card. It can stop pushes without any area damage troops, or can provide a distraction for them. Also, this card can be used to cycle through this deck to place down huts. Finally, this card can be offensive, if you know the opponent does not have any splash troops.
Fire Spirits: Fire Spirits are the only troop card in this deck that can target air. They are great for 2 elixir, and use them on defense against Minion Hordes, Barbarians, Skeleton Army, and other swarm troops. Be careful to put them behind a tank if you want to target a splash troop. Do not waste this card.
Zap: Zap is the only spell card in this deck. It is highly versatile with a 0.5 stun effect, which can reset charges (Prince, Dark Prince), or attacks (Sparky, and Inferno Dragon/Tower) and some damage. This, other than Fire Spirits, is the only card that can do direct damage to air, so use it wisely on defense. Using it on offense is good, but be sure to not waste it.
Barbarian Hut: Barbarian Hut is an important spawner in this deck. Even though it costs 7 elixir, it has huge HP and spawns two Barbarians every 14 seconds. Don't place this card down unless if you have a good push going; save it until double elixir.
Goblin Hut: Goblin Hut is probably the most important spawner. It spawns Spear Goblins (which target air, so very important) every 4.9 seconds. I recommend placing this down first, so you can do some chip damage onto the enemy towers.
Furnace: Furnace is a decent spawner, and works well against pushes because of its AoE damage. It spawns two Fire Spirits every 10 seconds, and I would place this building in the middle of your territory.
Tombstone: Tombstone is the defensive spawner in this deck. Place it down to distract any push, like Giant, Prince, or Mini PEKKA. The skeletons that spawn are very useful for distracting and killing single-target troops.


  • Place Goblin Hut or Furnace down first. Don't put down Barbarian Hut unless absolutely necessary.
  • Keep applying pressure to both lanes, but focus on one lane more.
  • Double elixir is when you spam huts; just keep placing them down!