Deck Information

Page Created by: BenLegend443
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Builder's Workshop
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Sparky: Your main damager, use her to destroy towers and on defense against tank.
Zap: Use Zap to kill swarms.
Minions: Your defensive air troop and also support for your push.
Archers: Use Archers for defending against air and ground troops, also to support push.
Valkyrie: Your mini-tank and splash ground troop, destroy any swarm ground cards trying to kill your supports and Sparky.
Wizard: Your splasher support troop, use the Wizard to get rid of air and ground swarms.
Goblin Barrel: Another of your damage dealer, use the Goblin Barrel offensively to crown tower, can become a great Zap bait.
Skeleton Army: Your swarm defense card, use the Skeleton Army to swarm tanks and also a great Zap bait.


  • Put Valkyrie in the back after you reach 10 Elixir at the beginning of the game, then put Sparky behind it, and when they are about to cross the bridge put down a Wizard behind the Sparky.
  • Or don't use Valkyrie and throw the Goblin Barrel on the Crown Tower.
  • A alternative to Zap is Arrows because it does more damage, ans thus can kill swarms more easily.
  • You can use Valkyrie to push instead if you don't have Sparky on hand.
  • Push quickly to get the Crown Tower, that is why this deck is called blitzkrieg.
  • This deck is heavily weak against Rocket, so beware when your opponent has this card.