This deck is only 3.5 Elixir, though it might be hard to master. But even as a starter, you can cause quite a damage to your opponent.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Nexus4000
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Royal Giant: An awesome unit which can really annoy the opponent but is quite effective as it always lands at least 1 hit on the Arena Towers. This card, along with the Battle Ram are the main offense cards.
Battle Ram: Like the Dark Prince, but can only attack buildings and use the Log as a shield. Who knew a log could be a better shield that a shield?
Minion Horde: Now this card is one of my favorites. This card can be used as a support card or a defensive card, which depends on the situation. This card can take out anything the Skeleton Army can take out except the Wizard because of their inability to surround.
Skeleton Army: Like the Minion Horde, use this card for defense and support. The Skeleton Army can take out anything a Minion Horde can except the Valkyrie because the Minion Horde can fly.
Mirror: If the opponent took down the Battle Ram before it could reach the tower, then use a Mirror. Players usually stop using mirror in Frozen Peak, so your opponent wouldn't be expecting this.
This card can give you quite the leverage.
Arrows: The Arrows should only be used for defense and should only be used for offense if it gives you a win.
The Log: Since The Log is a Legendary not every player might have it. If you don't, then use Zap. Now, using The Log is quite complicated, and after the February Update, you can't deploy it over buildings. Telling you how to use it is very complicated so you should check out Orange Juices's Log Tech video on Youtube.
Tornado: Tornado has variety of uses such as activating your Crown Tower and giving you extra time. It deals about the same damage as the Zap spell but also can pulls your units back. For defense, you can make a card like the Miner target on your King Tower, which can give you the upper hand in battle.


  • Leave your Royal Giant near the bridge so that it can cause some decent damage. Support it with the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. If you don't have your RG in your hand, then place your BR behind the Kings Tower. When it reaches the bridge, then place a mirrored BR and support it with your Log/Arrows. If you have all the spells in your hand, then play defensive.
  • This deck doesn't follow a certain procedure so it makes it harder for your opponent to calculate your next move.
  • One precaution is not to play your Mirror at the start of the battle. Your mirror is going to be the game changer.
  • Using all the card in a strategic manner will help you win. Analyze your opponents deck. Make sure you are ready for your opponents every move.

Thank You! Have a Nice Day!