Hello! I may be a new user, but this deck, which is my current ladder deck, will be the start of many others. I present to you an unorthodox deck! (If this deck is already here in the wiki, it is just coincidence.)

Deck Information

Page Created by: MiraMuskie
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Battle Ram: Half-Center of this deck. This charging terror will be pushing along with Balloon, either doing some Tower damage, or becoming Barbarians to defend the Balloon.
Arrows: A very good swarm destructing spell, Arrows will destroy Minion Hordes, a big counter to this deck.
Balloon: Half-Center of this deck. This flying cannon will be pushing along with Battle Ram, tanking for it, while doing some massive damage to the tower.
Rage: Not very "meta", I know, but you can use this with your Battle Ram Balloon push to make the enemy counter it difficultly.
Valkyrie: Will mini-tank if the need arises, and will take care of pesky magi/swarms.
Musketeer: My favorite card, Musketeer can be super defensive and offensive at the same time. Will supplement pushes.
Fireball: Fireball can also take out some defenders, as well with pushes, and of course, the 3 Cancerteers,
Skeleton Army: A very nice versatile defense card, which will provide for all your swarming needs.


  • Cycle your cards on defense in order to have Battle Ram, Balloon, and Arrows on your hand.
  • At the start of a battle, do a beatdown push by playing the Balloon at the back when you reach 10 elixir. Then, as it reaches the middle of the arena, compile it with the Ram. The Minion Horde is an effective way ti counter this, so don't forget to have it in your hand to play it when its time. If your opponent uses a building to counter this, use your Rage, as it is very useful in this situation. If your opponent has a glass tank in their deck, you can predict that they would place a glass cannon right next to the tower. Fireball right off to the side of the tower if you think this is right. Remember that the Battle Ram and Balloon can tank for each other, so don't worry about playing the two cards with surgical precision.
  • Use your Valkyrie and Musketeer on defense, especially for mini-tanks and tanks. Use your Skeleton Army only if an emergency, as everyone has a Zap in their deck. You can use your Musketeer in the Ram Balloon push by being placed right off to the side of both cards. If you want to use the Valkyrie, place it in the front of the Ram so that it can hit the tower quickly.