The type of this deck is defensive because the whole thinking behind it was to counter every surprise that your opponent drops.

Nevertheless, due to the great balance of this deck, there are plenty of lethal offensive combinations, depending mostly on the Giant and the Rage together.

The key for victory with this deck is to build a killer push after a successful defensive move.

Deck Information

Page Created by: RolloGames
Minimum Recommended King Level: 4
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Card Roles

Giant: Tank
Valkyrie: Semi-tank
Musketeer: Against flying threats
Knight: Semi-tank
Skeleton Army: Against tanks
Archers: Against flying threats
Arrows: Spell (anti hordes)
Rage: Spell


  • General:

Lethal at x2 elixir.

Not recommended for x3 elixir.

Excellent at 2v2.

  • Defense:

There are two valuable cards to counter flying troubles. The Musketeer and the Archers are great against Baby Dragons, Inferno Dragons, Balloons, Minions etc. They also bring to the battlefield a wonderful backup for other troops while standing behind them.

The Giant might be good for getting the opponent's attention while the Musketeer and the Archers slowly cleaning up the board.

The Skeleton Army should be used only against Pekkas, all sort of giants, Prince, Barbarians and basically every heavy troop. In some situations they can destroy all types of wizards pretty fast.

Arrows should be used mostly against Minion Horde, Skeleton Army or being used against a large amount of small troops. A high level of Arrows can be great to damage crown towers and finish up big troops.

Valkyrie will deal damage to everyone around it. Great against hordes of troops, barbarians and good at protecting the Giant.

The knight makes plenty of damage to a single unit at a time. A great block for the Witch, while dropped next to her. Great elixir value against the Wizard.

  • Offence:

There are plenty of lethal combinations, depending on your cycle and your opponent's defensive cards.

The best combination is the Giant + Rage + Skeleton Army. If placed on the right time it can take down any building in seconds.

The Arrows should always be ready to protect the Giant.

If you manage to drop a Musketeer behind the Giant during the attack - you're golden.

Other great combos:

Giant + Musketeer + Rage

Giant + Valkyrie + Rage

Knight + Musketeer + Rage

All of the following - GiantMusketeerKnightValkyrie - will make tremendous damage if Raged while standing alone against a crown tower. Recommended only if their strength bar is more than half full.

  • Advantages:

- Both defensive and offensive

- Great against control decks

- Lethal at x2 elixir 

- Fast cycle

- Very balanced

  • Weakness:

Might get difficulties against decks with more then 4 cards of flying units. 

Solution (alternative cards): Baby Dragon instead of the Valkyrie

  • Elixir Formation:
5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2