The Cancer Barbarians, made a new cancer with the Lumberjack's Rage spell, will they make players rage quit? Let's see if this works.

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: Your main offense and win condition. Elite Barbarians can also be used in defense against high hitpoint troops, then translate into a deadly counter push.
Lumberjack: Your anti Barrels, he can support your Elite Barbs with his Rage. His high DPS can also be used to kill mini-tanks, tanks, etc. Best used in counter push.
Zap: Your anti swarms for Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, etc. Can also be used to reset charge attacks from Sparky, Inferno Dragon, etc.
Fireball: Your anti air troops/swarms and anti glass cannons. Can be used to finish off weakened Crown Towers.
Skeleton Army: Your defensive swarm card. Use Skeleton Army against single-target troops and high hitpoint troops. Also good as distraction.
Bowler: Your defense splash troop card, Bowler is amazing against medium troops since they can be knocked back. Bowler can also be used on counter push.
Furnace: Furnace can deal great chip damage to enemy's tower. And thus, use this to annoy your enemies. Furnace can also lure building targeting troops, and support the Elite Barbs or LJ with Fire Spirits.
Valkyrie: Another defense splash troop cards, use her mainly at defense and counter push.


  • When you reached 10 Elixir, put down the Furnace first, then wait for your opponent's reaction.
  • If they are not reacting or your Furnace isn't in current rotation, place a Valkyrie or Bowler behind the King's Tower.
    • If you use Valkyrie, quickly place the Lumberjack and Elite Barbarians behind her.
    • For Bowler is a bit harder, you need to place the Lumberjack in front of the Bowler and Elite Barbs behind him.
  • As both Valkyrie and Bowler are very slow, it should've stored till 10 Elixir.
  • Use the Fireball against the Minion Horde.
  • Zap is for stunning troops, taking care of swarms, and for quicker push.
  • Defend with your Skeleton Army, Valkyrie and Bowler. Use Elite Barbs and Lumberjack if you have to.
  • See if your opponent rage quit (if you're lucky enough).