This is a deck which I made by finding a counter deck and replacing some of the cards with a few that I favoured over. Here is the link to it. This deck can be converted to be viable in Arena 4, by replacing the Bomber with the Inferno Tower.

Deck Information

Page Created by: DisanT
Minimum Recommended King Level: 5
Maximum Recommended King Level: 6
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Balloon: One of the main troops for pushing.
Musketeer: For mainly defending, can be used for attacking behind a tank or good chip damage just before a tank dies.
Mini P.E.K.K.A.: Mostly offensive pushing but can be used to destroy tanks, Princes that aren't charging, Hog Riders, and Witches with the help of splash troops then paired with the Giant Skeleton for a counter push.
Giant Skeleton: For tanking and occasionally defending. Can also be used solo against a Crown Tower with about 700 health.
Bomber: For good ground splash damage and good investment card (Card that can be played to force the opponent to make first move). Switch this with Inferno Tower once you unlocked it.
Rage: For situations where a Crown Tower is in trouble or you need to hugely damage one quickly.
Baby Dragon: For defending and then used in a counter push.
Arrows: For destroying swarms such as Skeleton Army and Minion Horde.


  • First, wait for 20 seconds. If the opponent hasn't dropped a troop by then, drop the Bomber to see what he comes with. If the Bomber isn't in the first four cards, but the Musketeer and the Baby dragon both are, drop the Musketeer.
  • If he has any tanks, drop the Inferno Tower next to the Arena Tower targeted. They should be mincemeat pretty quickly. If you don't have it, then use the Bomber and Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Use the Giant Skeleton with the Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Baby Dragon for a push that's guaranteed to almost always take a tower and can result in a three crown win if left alone.
  • The Balloon is used for a separate push alone or with the Rage Spell. Make sure to have supporting troops or Arrows to take out enemy troops!
  • This should get you into P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse pretty quickly. Adding the Inferno Tower will get you into the 1200's or even more. I also upgraded it to level 2 which got me into the 1300's. But if you lose, then try upgrading the cards or replacing them with something else more viable for that arena. Let me know in the comments what cards work.