MiraMuskie here, now with a fully functional non-troll deck. This deck has 2 centers: the 2 epic 5-elixir troops whose attacks can pierce through many enemies, Bowler and Executioner! This deck can push as well as it can defend. If there is already a deck like this, I am very sorry and please be informed that it is simply coincidence.

Deck Information

Page Created by: MiraMuskie
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Hog Rider: This guy is an optional tower attacker that can pressure opponents severely. Use him to bait out defense or to tank a bit for Executioner and Bowler.
Tornado: What would be a Bowler/Executioner deck without their synergy? The Tornado can pull defenses together to get shredded by flying axes and rolling boulders.
Mega Minion: Defends against ground and air, and can do extra intimidating when needed. Replace with a building if you want to.
Bowler: The big blue dude will roll his way through defense, alongside Executioner. As he says, you need to keep the job rolling.
Musketeer: I include myself in all decks. Alongside Executioner, she can defend against air for a reasonable cost. Also send with any push for that extra pressure!
Zap: Almighty Zap. It can do well being versatile, destroying some swarms and cycling your deck. If needed, you can also reset the tower's targeting so that the Bowler and Executioner may live for longer.
Executioner: The potatohead will chop his way through defense, alongside Bowler. Can also defend greatly against some pushes.
The Log: Will smash swarms and will cycle the deck with Zap, but can also murder annoying Princesses.


  • Always push with both Bowler and Executioner, so start the battle by placing either one in the back, then following up with the other when you reach 10 elixir. If you have enough elixir, send a Hog Rider or a Musketeer for more damage. The Tornado can be very useful when you are pushing, because if your opponent places something to counter the push, you can Tornado the card right next to the tower that you are attacking. The Bowler and the Executioner will be able to target the tower while taking care of the troop, which can lead to major damage done to the tower. If the battle comes for defensive purposes, you can use the Mega Minion and Musketeer. If the opponent is doing a lot of damage to your tower, consider to place the Bowler or Executioner for defense, as they can be used as almost anything.
  • You can use this deck just like a Hog Control deck, as the Bowler, Executioner, and Musketeer can defend as well as attack.