Do you like fast Hog decks but can't find the right one? Do your defenses get shut down easily? Well, try this deck. The Mirror Hog Cycle Deck can counter most decks, from beatdown to other cycle decks, and also help you win.

Deck Information

Page Created by: desertfoxd7
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is definitely the main win condition of this deck. For 4 Elixir, it is a great card to make pushes and deal a couple hundred of damage. Always push with this card, and save your Zap for it.
Mirror: Mirror is a very underrated card. This is very helpful when your defense gets destroyed; you can just mirror it! For example, your opponent has a Hog with the Log. If the Log killed your Skarmy, you can always put down another one. This makes for good combos like double Goblin Barrel or Double Inferno.
Zap: In my opinion, Zap is the best spell in the game. It can kill lots of swarm troops (in the air, unlike Log), reset charge attacks and Sparky, and reset Inferno Tower. Don't waste the spell (never mind, this deck has Mirror), but use wisely.
Inferno Tower: Inferno Tower is the only viable defensive building there is. Spawners are, well... Tesla sucks, Cannon and Tombstone are too weak. Inferno can shut down anything; Hog, Golem, Lava Hound, Balloon, etc. And because you have Mirror, it is even better.
Skeleton Army: Skarmy is an amazing defensive card. It can shut down Elite Barbs, RG, Hog, P.E.K.K.A., and more. Although it is shut down by spells or AOE, that's why you have Mirror.
Goblin Barrel: Goblin Barrel became good when the goblins became zap-proof with equal levels. For 3 Elixir, this card can give you hundreds of chip damage and is hard to counter properly. Mirror Goblin Barrel? Two is better than one.
Minion Horde: Minion Horde is mainly a defensive card, but can be translated into a push. It is used to bait out Fireball or Arrows so Goblin Barrel or Skarmy could be used. This card deals hundreds of damage, so don't underestimate one.
Ice Golem: Ice Golem. For 2 Elixir, it is a great tank for Hog Rider, and can kill or slow many swarm troops, giving the Hog more time to damage the tower.


  • There is no good starting hand in this deck, because every starting hand is a good one. Just wait for the opponent if you don't have Hog or Goblin Barrel.
  • Keep on chipping with Hog and Goblin Barrel; this is not a three-crown deck. Most games are won in Double Elixir or overtime.
  • This deck doesn't have many weaknesses, except excessive amounts of splash. The Inferno Tower can shut down tanks, while Skarmy and Minion Horde can kill everything else with the Ice Golem tanking.
  • Watch out for pushing too aggressively; you want to have a positive Elixir advantage most of the time.
  • Hope you like this deck!