This deck is full of vulnerable cards that can easily die to spells, but, since you have many swarm cards and most of the time your opponent has only 1-2 spells in their deck, you can easily bait their spells with one or two swarms and then attack with your Miner or Goblin Barrel.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Miner: This is your main card for taking out Crown Towers since many cards in this deck die quickly to splash units. He can tank hits while your Goblin Barrel or swarms deal damage.
Minion Horde: This card should be used against ground melee units and air units. The Minion Horde can easily defeat any push but, since spells can kill them quickly, you can bait the enemy's spells with another swarm or use the Minion Horde to bait the more powerful spells such as Arrows.
Skeleton Army: The Skeleton Army is the most vulnerable swarm in this deck, so you can use it to bait out cheap spells to make way for another card. It can also be used to defend against ground melee troops like the Hog Rider.
Goblin Gang: The Goblin Gang is much less vulnerable than the Skeleton Army and is stronger on offense than the other two swarms; but it can't handle single target units as well as the Skeleton Army since it only spawns 5 units, so it's best use this card to pressure a lane or to bait your opponent's spells.
Inferno Tower: The most important defensive card in your deck. The Inferno Tower is one of the few cards in this deck with moderate hitpoints. The Inferno Tower can take out high health units and survive most spells. However, if your opponent uses Zap or Lightning on the Inferno Tower, you can place your swarms to take out the tank and the backup units.
Goblin Barrel: Your main win condition. The Goblin Barrel should be used when your opponent has used their spells on your other cards, as the Goblin Barrel can easily die to spells like Zap and Log. The Goblin Barrel can be taken out with troops too, so make sure you have a Fireball ready whenever you use it.
Fireball: The Fireball is a good control spell. Fireball should only be used against glass cannons and swarms. This card is also useful for chipping away at a Crown Tower if it is low on health.
Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is an effective swarm control card. The Valkyrie should be used on swarms, mini tanks and certain glass cannons.


  • If your opponent places a tank behind their King's Tower, you can use the Miner + Goblin Gang combo to punish them.
  • The Minion Horde is a good counter to the Baby Dragon, as the Baby Dragon kills Minions in 2 hits, and the Minions' high DPS will kill the Baby Dragon quickly. Make sure you surround the Baby Dragon with the Minion Horde so fewer Minions will be hit by the Dragon in one attack.
  • If you are up against Elite Barbarians, defend with the Skeleton Army. If it gets destroyed, use the Goblin Gang or Valkyrie.
  • If your opponent Zaps or Lightnings the Inferno Tower, place your Minion Horde or Skeleton Army on top of everything that's attacking the Tower.
  • The Goblin Barrel should only be used when you know that all of your opponent's cheap spells and potential counters are out of rotation.
  • If your opponent is running Graveyard, make sure that you use your Valkyrie exclusively for their Graveyard since there is a chance that the Graveyard player might also be running Poison in their deck. In situations where you have already used your Valkyrie and suddenly your opponent uses a Graveyard, a swarm will be able to shut down the Graveyard easily so long as they do not Poison it.
  • If you manage to defend a push and your swarms are still alive, immediately use your Miner so that he can tank some hits while your swarms deal heavy damage to your opponent's Crown Tower.
  • Only use the Fireball on your opponent's Tower if it is at 600 health or lower. If the match is in Overtime and the Tower has 600 health or less, launching the Fireball at the tower and cycling back to it is a good way to quickly take the Tower. Don't try to cycle if something needs to be defended, though.