This is my deck, though with Zap instead of The Log because I don't have The Log

Deck Information

Page Created by: BillyJoeTheThird
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Miner: A tank as well as a chipper. He can tank for swarm units .
Bandit: A mini tank like the miner that is used to take out medium-health units such as Wizard or Musketeer as well as deal damage to towers.
Skeleton Army: A defensive distract unit that can be used to kill Elite Barbarians or Prince as well as tanks such as Giant as long as there is no splash support troop.
Goblin Gang: A defensive and offensive distraction unit. This card is much faster so it is better on offense than Skeleton Army. Also used to counter Elite Barbarians if your opponent zaps the Skeleton Army.
Inferno Tower: Your main counter against tanks like Golem or Lava Hound as well as the Hog Rider.
The Log: Used to kill Goblin Barrel and other ground swarm units and knock back large units on defense, giving the Inferno Tower more time to take care of tanks
Fireball: Your main counter to support troops behind a giant that is backed up by a melee glass cannon like the Prince.
Minion Horde: This is your defense for Musketeer, Mega Minion, Balloon, Electro Wizard, and other medium-health single/double-target, building-targeting units or units that cannot shoot air.


  • Try to bait out your opponent's Fireball if he/she has it in his/her deck. Then, do a Miner + Minion Horde combo to annihilate your opponent. Be careful of Fire Spirit or Ice Spirit and Zap combo!
  • This deck has no direct counter to Baby Dragon unless you count the Inferno Tower, but DO NOT use Inferno Tower against Baby Dragon. Instead, use Minion Horde once the Baby Dragon locks on to the tower or another tank.
  • When your opponent is preparing a big push, push the other lane. However, don't use too much Elixir in that push and let your opponent gain an Elixir advantage or they will annihilate your tower with that push.
  • This deck is mainly a counterpush deck. If you don't have anything to do and you're at 10 Elixir, place down Goblin Gang at the bridge to draw a card or split a Skeleton Army in the back.