I know what you are thinking, an Elite Barb deck, CANCER! If you would ask me, I will frankly tell you that I hate it too, but here's the catch, this deck wasn't meant as your everyday ladder deck but instead a way for you to get those chest slots filled with goodies when let's say you're going for a vacation or somewhere.

Note: This deck is made by me and is filled with cards that can counter "specific cards".

With all that intro done, lets get to the cards then!

Deck Information

Page Created by: Celcuis
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: The MVP of the deck. Drag 'em at the bridge and watch how they rip and tear stuff up. They are your primary way of getting those sweet crown wins if they made it somehow to your opponent's crown tower and when that happens, defending is your next goal. But what if the opponent is good at defending? This is where the other cards come in.
Lightning: The Cleaner of the deck. By cleaner, I mean medium troop terminator and crown or king tower finisher with a higher health threshold. Nuff said.
Note: Do avoid using Lightning at the start or before 1 minute has passed at the duel since most enemies will more likely try to make you lose at the start with their rush decks unless needed in a dire situation in which is highly contested by the other cards in the list, also, as much as possible hit the crown tower while killing or damaging two medium or tanky troops in the process.
Tornado: The nightmare that is not on Elm Street. The worst nightmare of Giants, Miners, and Hog Riders. I love tornado and I think you should love using it too, here's why:
  • Pull troops into your king tower for that extra defensive firepower.
  • Manipulates troops like the Royal Giant to change target or to pull troops away from your Elite Barbs.
  • Takes care of some swarm cards like Skarmy and Bats to provide support just in case your Elite Barbs are in danger
  • Kills a Balloon for a 2 elixir advantage with the help of the crown tower.
  • 3 Elixir Cost
So while those are some of the advantages, the disadvantages are less but dangerous to let it occur.
  • If a tank like Giant is WRONGLY pulled at the WRONG direction, rather than activating that king tower early, you've just activated it, the regular way.
  • It does not kill Minions
  • When used at a dire situation and somehow it MISSED like a single tile, prepare to lose or defend HARD.
Tornado is your pal when you want to boost your defensive ability and to completely turn your enemies' forces against them by activating your king tower using the opposing troops. I would also like to point out that when using tornado, believe in your troops, since most the time i over commit at defense that my opponent wins in elixir advantages which result to a pathetic defeat. Almost all troops can be pulled to activate the king tower however just be careful because king activation is always situational since most of the time when you pull a troop, both your towers concentrate their fire to the troop and a busy tower means free damage for their support troops, even a crowd of spear goblins can damage your tower severely or even destroy it if left unattended.
Zap: The most Overpowered Spell only rivaled by The Log.
OP!? Are you nuts Celcuis?

This may seem exaggerated at first but it sure does a lot of stuff, scratch that, a lot of MIRACULOUS stuff, don't believe me? Here's some of what this S tier card can do for this deck:

  • Kills pesky Skarmy that surrounds your men. Trust me on this one, most of the time an enemy defends against my Ebarbs, i pray that they drop Skarmy and when they do, its a free crown.
  • Zap a minion horde right at your bridge before your crown tower shoots a single arrow, that's already a 3 elixir advantage.
  • Your Ebarbs gets pulled again and again by spear gobs or skellys? Zap 'em.
  • Resets that raging Inferno Tower from killing your Ebarb.
  • Finishes half dead troops that somehow didn't die.
  • Zap that hapless crown tower for the win.
The bad part is that all of the given advantages require precise timing and accuracy or else the situation will end just like what happens when your Tornado fails.
Guards: Originally, this space is meant for Ice Wizard, but in case you didn't have him, guards does the job for you. Surround troops like Wizard, EWizz, Musketeer, Archers, Executioner, Bowler, and any other non - flying troop that isn't either a Valkyrie or a Bomber. However do remember that Surround them when the troop is within your tower's range, this is to make sure that two or one guard survives to defend or damage their crown tower for even a tiny amount since that minuscule of a damage might just be the amount you just need when it counts, like when the opponent's crown tower is within a Zap or Lighting damage threshold and it is the gap between you winning or biting the dust.
Fire Spirits: Tiny balls of fire that everyone loves. Always do keep in mind these three rules in using them for this deck.
  • Used as a support behind your Ebarbs when your Zap is out of rotation or is reserved for your opponent's baits.
  • You may surround successfully with them but pulling is your best bet to maximize their elixir cost.
Note: You can surround troops with Fire Spirits against a musketeer or a Wizard but it is not always the case since they could have support and since Fire Spirits are very fragile and may result in a waste of 2 elixir.
  • Putting them behind the king tower is very useful since it could act both as a catalyst to a push and to boost a defense, either the sides can be used as a means to push and to defend depending on the situation and your imagination is the limit.
For a 2 elixir troop, this card too much of value when it comes to defense and offense. Use them wisely and economically.
Ice Golem: The master puller of big troops. See those walking brutes? Pekka, Mini Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Valkyrie, and Prince? You pull 'em slow and steady, careful though, don't pull too far or you'll regret it.
I also have two secrets to tell you people concerning Minion Horde and ranged troops.
  • When pulled from the opposite middle, this is the part where the Ice Golem goes to the opposite lane where the opposing troop is and still pulls it, when done against Minion Horde, most of the horde gets pulled, except two of them, the ones near to the left or right boundary of the arena depending on the side, those two will tear a chunk of life out of your tower when left unattended, so instead place the Ice Golem within the center of the horde where they would gang up on him leaving your tower to finish of the iced minions with not a single scratch on it, however it may fail if the horde's level is way too high against your king level as the damage of your crown tower is too weak to fully apprehend the horde, so instead level up your Ice Golem to compensate for this.
  • Although this is still debatable, from my experience, troops will prioritize defending troops from buildings and as such, placing the Ice Golem at the side of the tower will make the opposing troops shoot at the defender first giving the tower ample time to kill the troop. When it comes to Splash troops, at least two or three spaces from the side of the tower to avoid it having damage, when an enemy Ewizz is advancing towards the tower, place the Ice Golem in the center but not too far where the Ice Golem walks away leaving your tower free for damage, deploying the Ice Golem this way makes the Ewizz focus both of its attacks on the Ice Golem leaving the tower unharmed.
Mini P.E.K.K.A.: Your mighty hero when your Tornado is out of cycle then somehow your opponent pops in a giant out of nowhere. Mega Minion is a nice replacement for this but then the Tornado got buffed and now dooms Lava Hound and Balloon Decks. Mini Pekka is meant to destroy tanks and supporting troops quickly and effectively. Due to the Executioner damage buff, leaving him unattended is a bad idea. Mini Pekka can also tank for a while when Ice Golem is not at the moment but this is not recommended since it costs 4 elixir. The true and sole purpose of the Mini P.E.K.K.A. is to act as a distraction, when you want your enemy to focus their attention to this fake push when your real plan is to wreck their tower with a quick Ebarb rush, adding fire spirits with the Mini Pekka fake push will make it much more convincing thus a higher chance of a successful Ebarb rush, just remember that when you do this, always wait for a Zap in hand just in case your opponent can read your move and may lay a surprise pull.


  • When your opponent plants a Pump, Lightning it quick, you do not want your enemy to gain an elixir advantage over you as elixir disadvantage is your worst enemy when using this deck.
  • Although i find this deck nearly flawless, the best enemy i could warn you for are mistakes, one false move and you lose a single crown tower, especially when it comes to the right application of Tornado and Zap, if they miss, you better have a fail safe or a backup plan or suffer the consequences.
  • Splitting the Elite Barbarians behind the king tower is a good plan if you want to confuse your opponent on where the bigger push might be, if you're a fan of mind games then use this often.
  • As much as possible, DO NOT rush boldly, letting a 6 elixir go to a waste is a disadvantage and may lead to sudden tower loss, always have a Zap in handy before dropping Elite Barbarians anytime, anywhere.
  • If you see a Bowler or an Executioner walk alone from the other side of the bridge, expect its going to be a Graveyard, in that case make the tank busy then drop in the Guards at the center of the spawning radius of the Graveyard, no Zap,The Log, or even Arrows can kill the defending troops due to their shields.
  • Tornado can destroy a Balloon by pulling it within the range of the other crown tower or if the king tower is activated, at the mercy of three defenses.

Things to avoid when using this Deck

  • Do not use a lot of insulting emotes when dueling, while this may work as a means of psychological warfare making your opponent lose their composure, this might mark you as a bad sport and could go online which is not gonna end well for you.
  • Using the deck regularly. Just don't. Do not use my deck regularly as you will surely get bored very quickly due to the high amount of wins you will get, thus making you more less and less skilled with other decks.
  • Use it in a Clan Battle. This deck is not meant for clan battles as it doesn't have the capacity to defend from a combined force from two players nor to push hard enough to pass through such defense since Elite Barbarians are very easy to pull.