Inspired by the typical Ice Golem/Hog deck, I took that concept and added my own twist.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Pisapiza
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Card Roles

Zap: Used for destroying swarm of small troops, stunning and resetting towers/anti-air troops to allow for more hits on a tower. Can be used to reset charge of Sparky, Prince, Battle Ram, etc.
Ice Golem: Use to either distract strong troops (Elite Barbarians, Prince, Giant Skeleton) to move them away from tower, cripple if not destroy swarms with his frost nova, or in front of Lumberjack for a push.
Mega Minion: Use Mega Minion on defense against high hitpoint troops, air and ground threats. With Ice Golem, it can defeat Ebarbs. Mega Minion can also support the push.
Fireball: Your medium-high damage spell, use its high damage to support your pushes by crippling down defenses placed by your opponent. Can also cripple your opponent's pushes well.
Skeleton Army: Your defensive swarm to use against single-target troops and tanks, can also work sometimes in a push by distracting defenses and Crown Towers from targeting your Balloon.
Balloon: The main win condition in the deck, use it behind Ice Golem and Lumberjack so that after both Ice Golem and Lumberjack dies, it is still at full health with a fresh Rage underneath it.
Princess: Support your push by removing swarms, Princess can be used as a long-range splash defense. She can also deal good chip damage to opponent's towers.
Lumberjack: Your main support for the Balloon with his Rage, use him with Ice Golem to push it, then put the Balloon. Lumberjack can be used to counter high hitpoints troops as well with his high DPS.


The strategy of this deck is to play defensively until you are ready for a push. All cards, except the Balloon are good defensive cards and can transfer to a deadly counter push. To start your push:

  • Wait for 9 Elixir.
  • Place Ice Golem in front of your Arena Tower.
  • Place Lumberjack directly behind Ice Golem.
  • Place Balloon above where the Ice Golem is now.
  • Use Princess, Fireball, Zap to support your pushes.
  • Repeat this cycle.


Sorted by order of preference

  • Zap - Arrows, The Log.
  • Ice Golem - Knight, Elite Barbarians, Electro Wizard.
  • Mega Minion - Wizard, Musketeer, Minions.
  • Fireball - N/A (because you get it at Training Camp).
  • Skeleton Army - Guards, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde.
  • Balloon - N/A (It's the key card in the deck).
  • Princess - Archer, Spear Goblin, Wizard.
  • Lumberjack - Dark Prince, Hog, Prince.
  • If you don't have the Lumberjack, then substitute with Rage only.