Hello, everyone. I'm here to show this awesome Trifecta deck that I've been using for a long time (some cards changed since the first version, but the idea was always been the same). Every single card in this deck can be used to attack and defend as well, with a moderate but versatile cycle. Hope you enjoy! :D

Deck Information

Page Created by: Lauiz, the True
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The star of the deck. High damage vs. Moderate/high hitpoints, always aiming for buildings and jumping through the arena fast as a lightning (not the card, of course). Can be used as an off-guard/surprising card at the beginning of the match just to cycle over and/or to force your opponent to put and show his def. cards. It is very effective if supported wisely, putting the princess in the back is a good idea to clean minions or horde (combined with zap to make it more effective), or the Valkyrie in the front (to clean skeleton army or deal with popular melee hog-defensive cards, such as Mini P.E.K.K.A., Knight or even a "not-so-well-played" advanced Electro/Ice Wiz. However, can be stopped by almost any building if you put him alone.
Musketeer: Holy cow... She's so good I want to marry her! This fierce lady is one of the main ground units defender, but definitely the main defender when we're talking about air units, such as Lava Hound, Balloon or even some full-hp minions when you don't have/can use princess or zap. You will almost always use her in defense, but it is smart to take advantage of a half-hp defensive Musketeer to engage some crowded and well covered counter-attack. Placed at the front of your king tower (in the middle), she can even lure and kill that half-hp Valkyrie (that your opponent used to def), a knight, a mini p.e.k.k.a or even a lumberjack. If your opponent's Fireball don't kill the musketeer, you can even place the Valkyrie or the hog in front of her (as you are clearly in elixir advantage), forcing your enemy to reach her somehow or accept her strong damage.
Baby Dragon: A rude and tough air tanker, and "decent splash damage-dealer". Used to deal with that support units that your opponent puts behind his tanker or main attacker. Also used to attract attention of that annoying/hard to reach troops who came to the bridge alone or ready to support some incoming advanced tanker, such as Princess, Executioner and Wizard, for example. Good to use against minions or minion horde or even against another baby dragon in your side of the arena, ready to deal some decent damage to your tower. Can be used to attract the attention of Lava Pups, right after Hound's death, taking the damage and cleaning up. Also, this silly baby can be used as a supporter in Hog Rider and/or Lumberjack pushes, killing some "early-played" Skeleton Army and helping to deal with possible Minions or Minion Horde.
Zap: Not much I can say about the BEST CARD EVER (A.K.A Zap). Combined with Hog rider it is a pretty cheap (and effective) combo to play against fast cycle decks, to keep some elixir for defense. Also it serves as additional damage (or FATALITY damage) to low hp troops who can deal some damage to your tower before dying. Can be used to prevent some hits from that surprise (and well played) troop you can't do nothing to stop, or even to give your Hog Rider (or lumber, or musk, or anything) an additional hit in the tower (maybe the victory hit :D), always aiming to hit as much as possible troops into the Zap's range.
Valkyrie: I really think her real name is: BRUCE WAYNE. The Valkyrie is a legendary (but no hexagonal) card. She's a ground melee unit with moderate/high splash damage and large amount of HP, ideal to kill almost every ground supporter you opponent puts behind his tanker (Witch, Wizard, Musketeer, Executioner, even a Bowler), also dealing with the tanker after killing his supporters. She is a exceptional counter to graveyard too. Also, an amazing way to hold that incoming (and fierce) Elite Barbarians is using the Valkyrie. You put her in the middle of your side to lure the Barbarians, leaving your tower more time to hit them, while the Valkyrie smash them two with her axe! Nothing to worry about at all!
Skeleton Army: I love those skeletons! Versatile in defense and sometimes in attack too, used to stop any single target unit, hitting all together and knocking down the target really fast. Can even be used in most of the distance splash damage units after they lock on something (not the most advisable play, though). Can be used to take down inferno tower as well, when you already destroyed one of your opponent towers, to clear the path for the Hog and/or Lumber and/or Valkyrie and/or ANY combo.
Princess: Bullseye! This little Princess can be smashed by The Log or even by an Arrow shower, but whatever! She's a card which can be played at any situation. Every push you suffer hurts less if the Princess is shooting her fireworks-arrows from behind. With a splash damage which kills skeletons and spear goblins and take half (or more) hp from minions and regular goblins (very popular supporters) she's definitely the "MUST HAVE" card in this deck build. And you can even put her in front of your bridge (surprise, boy) to get one or two extra hits in a tower if the opponent still constantly killing her with The Log or Arrows.
Lumberjack: TIMBER! This ginger-bearded guy is possible the most versatile card in the deck. He's used to kill tankers, in backup to stop huge pushes, even to take down buildings which is blocking the Hog's path (leaving the path enraged), but just in cases of huge elixir advantage. If played in the middle can lure and help to take down every melee (fast or not) single target card, such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Knight, even Elite Barbarians in case you caught off-guard and lacks Valkyrie in hand. He can also be played combined with Hog Rider, to take care of units that can counter your push and, with luck, he can also take a few swings in the tower (which is very dangerous, since he deals REALLY GOOD damage and takes a swing every 0.7 secs). Another intersting use for Lumberjack is the Rage bottle he carries in his shoulders. You can play him in front of a counter-push in double elixir and get all your troops a +35% bonus in speed. Deadly and really hard to hold.


  • First things first: All attack strategies below are supposed to be used at the proper moment (after you already read the opponent deck and/or got some considerable elixir advantage). Always start the game with a slow play, behind the king's tower, with Princess, Musk or even splitting Skeleton Army. Wait your opponent to start the moves by spending your elixir with those cards behind the king's tower (do not lose elixir waiting with a full bar). Read the opponent deck, and enjoy the opportunities to counter-push with the troops you used to defend. That's the best way to play with this AMAZING Lumberfecta :D
  • Hog + Lumberjack is a very useful combo when the opponent plays a Lava Hound or a Golem in the opposite lane. You can push with this two guys and prepare a zap in hand. With 7-8 elixir spent in a lane, all you can expect in answer is just a little defensive play (possibly some cheap popular def.), if it is Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang, boy, you got a tower down. Besides, he'll split his "push backup" trying to defend the lane you pushed, making it easier to put the tanker down with the Musketeer, for example (since the lava or Golem will take forever to reach your tower).
  • Princess in backup is a very good choice too. If your opponent can't reach her (the log, arrows, miner, etc), she must be present in every single push you make! She can hit air and ground units from very far and is very effective against most of the popular Hog counters in meta (Skeleton Army, Gang, Minions and Horde). Besides, is always good to get a few hits more in the tower (if your opponent waits for her to lock before he starts the counter, which is not so advisable, but can prove good).
  • Aggressive/advanced Musketeer (after you took one of the two towers). The Musk can be played right in front of your opponent's King tower, to take a few swings before the towers kill her. It is a surprise play, very difficult to predict/stop. Very good when you need just one or two hits and it is hard to reach by normal Hog ways! Can be played putting a Valkyrie or Baby Dragon at the bridge before casting the Musk, to make the tower aim at the tanker, and let the Musk swings two or three times more.
  • Hog + Valkyrie is the best play when your opponent keeps using Skeleton Army to hold down you Hog. He'll probably use something else and will take too long to beat your combo down (you will hit more and recover more elixir for defense). A Zap is advisable to prepare too (for ones who will split your combo, putting the Valkyrie away to play Skeleton Army against Hog Rider). This play can give you a tower! Another way to use this combo is like the "Hog + Lumber" one: When the opponent casts huge amounts of elixir, with very slow tankers at the opposite lane.
  • If your opponent uses a lot of air units to defend, like Minions and Minion Horde, it's a good play to send the baby dragon in the counter-push too, to clean or make him wait to play them, giving your Hog a few hits more and hitting the tower by himself.