The LumberLoon-Tornado deck relies heavily on the Lumberjack Balloon duo to take down the towers. The deck also focuses on defense where all cards except the Balloon are solid defensive units.

Deck Information

Page Created by: SomethingLesStuat
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Lumberjack: The Lumberjack is best employed as a defensive, counter card. If facing a tank/support push wait until the support unit comes to your side of the arena, then place the Lumberjack and watch it quickly dispatch the unit. If he survives you can use him to launch a counter attack with the Balloon or Musketeer.
Balloon: The Balloon is the deck's main wrecker unit, deploy behind the Lumberjack for the best effect, the Rage helps the Balloon reach the tower quickly. However if you believe that your opponent has no air defense cards remaining the Balloon can do good damage by itself while your opponent cycles through their deck.
Tesla: The Tesla is your main defense against Hogs, Golems, Balloons etc. Place this card at the start of your opponents push to draw attention away from your tower. Place the card near the middle of the arena. Can also be used to initiate conflict. By placing the Tesla in the middle of the arena your opponent is often prompted to attack, if they don't you can attack with the knowledge that if all goes wrong there's a Tesla to save the day.
Giant Skeleton: The Heart of the defense, many Witches, Wizards and Musketeers have been blown to bits by the glorious majesty of the dropped bomb. Great for stopping pushes of any kind, can be used to counter tanks to as it deters opponents from supporting them. Make sure you have your Zap ready to stop a Skarmy or Goblins putted by your enemy.
Musketeer: Another good defensive unit which doubles as a solid support unit. Place behind the tower so that the targets locks on to the tower not the Musky. When used in conjunction with a Tesla, the Musketeer can wreak havoc on many pushes.
Skeleton Army: Tank killer, don't worry if your opponent has a Zap, that's why you've got other defensive units, don't rely on the Skeleton Army just use it as a good way to grab some easy elixir advantage if your lucky. If countering a push with a splash damage support, wait until the support locks on to your tank or the tower before placing.
Zap: ZAPPPP!!!!!! mess up all your opponents favorite 'One hit wonders' with this highly versatile card, if possible save for a LumberLoon push to quickly take out cheap counters for that Lumberjack to cause even more havoc.
Tornado: Great for defense when your in a tight spot, and a good card to have up your sleeve on a lumberloon push, when used with zap can take out minion hordes easy as well as giving your Balloon that extra second which it might need to secure a hit.


  • Wait for opponent to start, if not place Tesla, if still no attack go at em hard with a Lumberjack with your Zap on hand.
  • This deck specializes in counter attacking play, always wait for the best moment to attack, preferably when your opponents is low on Elixir and has recently played some of it's towers and air units.
  • Don't be annoyed to take the draw, if your opponent has a good defense against the Lumber-Loon attack park the bus and lock down the game.
  • Sometimes placing the Skarmy behind the King's Tower gets the game going.
  • If your having trouble getting a tower try going all in by placing the Giant Skeleton behind the king tower then go with your Lumberjack followed by the Balloon.