This deck is pretty simple to use and this is my own creation, and other decks like this are just coincidences. It has a pretty good average Elixir cost of 3. In it, I combined all the cards that would go great with a Rage and a Freeze, and voila!

Deck Information

Page Created by: Tommy Orangeseed
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3

Card Roles

Lumberjack: Lumberjack is clearly the most underrated Legendary card, but In this deck, we can use his DPS and Rage effect into a tower killing machine. He is used as a meat shield.
Hog Rider: Hog Rider should be paired with the Lumberjack and when the Lumberjack dies, the Hog Rider will get Raged, which makes him deal massive damage onto the Crown Towers.
Spear Goblins: Spear Goblins can be paired with the Ice Spirit to deal damage, or you can pair it up with a Zap to eliminate Minion Hordes.
Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army is used for defending against tanks and big pushes. You can use it with the Lumberjack, so when the Lumberjack dies, the Skeleton Army gets Raged. This then makes a good counter push for your opponent.
Zap: Zap is used to kill Skeleton Armies, resetting the Sparky, stunning Minion Hordes, resetting the Prince and Dark Prince when they charge, and can destroy the Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. My advice is to use it when your Hog Rider and Lumberjack encounter the Skeleton Army or any swarms on their way to the Crown Tower.
Ice Spirit: Ice Spirit can be used to Freeze troops in a push so that the Lumberjack can take care of them or can be used as defense for mini tanks. You get a lot of worth for 1 Elixir!
Freeze: Use Freeze when your Lumberjack and Hog Rider encounter Elite Barbs on their way to the tower. Freeze the Elite Barbs and let the lumberjack deal it's damage onto the Elite Barbs.
Fireball: The Fireball can be used to take out the Crown Tower with low health and can defeat Archers and Bombers. It can also be used when your Lumberjack and Hog Rider encounter Barbarians on their way to the tower. This will leave them with little health, but that is what the Lumberjack is for.


  • At the start of the game, play your Lumberjack followed by a Hog Rider placed in a pig push placement. The Lumberjack should tank for the Hog Rider and when it dies spill it's rage for the Hog Rider to do even more damage. You should also send an Ice Spirit behind and have a Zap or Fireball ready to counter any defence your opponent has. If you have got spare Elixir use a Freeze for maximum desctruction.
  • For defence you should use either Ice Spirit for Freeze to stop the push, then Fireball or Zap it, depending on if it's a heavy push or a swarm. If the push is on the ground use Skeleton Army and if it is an air push use Spear Goblins.


  • Hog Rider + Zap + Ice Spirit
  • Hog Rider + Lumberjack + Zap, Fireball, or Freeze
  • Lumberjack + Ice Spirit
  • Hog Rider + Freeze
  • Spear Goblins + Ice Spirit
  • Any other combination of cards you can think of!


  • Fireball + Zap to kill supporting troops + Skeleton Army or Lumberjack
  • Skeleton Army + Ice Spirit
  • Freeze + Skeleton Army
  • Spear Goblins + Zap to kill Minion Horde
  • Zap + Skeleton Army to kill the Battle Ram or any medium health troop.