This is a very powerful deck which got me to Hog Mountain.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Sebastienxu467
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

Card Roles

Inferno Dragon: Your main way to take out tanks such as P.E.K.K.A and Giant. Inferno Dragon also is your main way to kill a tower. You should never leave an Inferno Dragon on your tower for too long because it will destroy the tower in seconds. A very powerful push in this deck is the Lava Hound followed by an Inferno Dragon and then an Electro Wizard. Lava Hound tanks for the other two cards while Inferno Dragon deals the damage. Electro Wizard deals with opposing Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragons. If your opponent places down an Minion Horde or another high DPS troop down to kill Lava Hound, that troop will be taken out by Inferno Dragon and E-Wiz. You should also place a Wizard down so that he can deal with skeleton armies and goblin gangs. When your troops are nearly at your opponent's tower, clone them all. The cloned cards all have one hitpoint but they are very good for dealing extra damage to your opponents tower and are also very good for distractions. Also, when Lava Hound dies, he spawns six Lava pups which are very good for destroying your enemy's towers. Inferno Dragon and baby dragon are also a very good combo as the two dragons basically cover each other's weaknesses. Baby Dragon can be countered or distracted by tanky cards but is good against swarms or hordes of low hitpoint troops. Inferno Dragon is good against tanks but is vulnerable to swarms or hordes of low hitpoint troops as he targets one target at a time and starts off with very low damage. A well placed Inferno Tower can take out this combo though so you should back it up with with Electro Wizard.
Lava Hound: Your main tank in the deck. Lava Hound has over three thousand hitpoints at Level one so it is very tanky. Lava Hound is a very resourceful card as when it is killed the Lava Pups it spawns should kill or damage it's destroyer. As said above Lava Hound is very good when placed together with E-Wiz and Inferno Dragon and Wizard and then cloned. Lava Hound is also quite good even when placed out alone because he is very hard to destroy and after he is destroy the Lava Pups should overwhelm most of your opponent's other cards and their tower. Lava Hound with Wizard, Electro Wizard and Prince should be able to overwhelm most of your opponents even in Arena 10. However, you should use this push after the double elixir time because of this combo's expensive cost.
Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon is a decent splash damager and a good combo with Prince. He is also good when paired with Inferno Dragon. I use Baby Dragon for both attack and defence. He is good at chipping health off your opponent's tower but is also decent at distracting witch and destroying incoming skeleton armies and Goblin Gangs.
Wizard: Wizard is the second splash damager in the deck. His fireballs can take out a skeleton army in a single shot and is also good against air troops that are a big threat such as Inferno Dragon and Balloon. He can also take out all six Lava Pups spawned out of a Lava Hound in a single shot. I mainly use for defence but I also use him to back up my Inferno Dragon Lava Hound and Electro Wizard push.
Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard is extremely good for countering incoming Inferno Dragons and Sparkys which both are used a lot in higher arenas. He is also very good against the Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon combo and the Baby Dragon and Balloon combo because he can target two targets at once. If left alone E wiz can also do considerable damage to a tower.
Prince: Prince is very good at taking down tanks and opponent's towers and could do a lot of damage if ignored. A good combo I like to use is the Prince and Baby Dragon combo. However, as this combo is easily destroyed in higher arenas, I usually use it when I have my opponent focused on another push in the other side of the arena. Prince is also a good defence against lone Hogs and Mini PEKKAs.
Clone: Clone is an essential part of this deck. I usually use it to clone one of my big pushes so that it can overwhelm my opponent quickly.
Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is used to stop hard hitters like Mini PEKKA and Prince. I usually use it for defence but sometimes for attack too as Goblin Gang can do a lot of damage to an opponent.


This page is currently under construction and will be complete soon.
  • I usually start the game off by placing a Lava Hound to the right of my King Tower. I then put in an Inferno Dragon and an E wiz. As soon as I get enough elixir, I back this up with a Wizard or Baby Dragon and then a Prince. As soon as this big push gets near my opponent's tower, I clone it to overwhelm the opponent more quickly. Even in higher Arenas, this push should be able to overwhelm most people and take out at least one of their towers.
  • After the first push, the opponent should have at least one of their towers destroyed or at least critically damaged. I then start defending with Goblin Gang, Baby Dragon and Wizard. At the double elixir time, I usually start pushing towards my opponent's towers again with a similar strategy as before.
  • You should also place a small push on the other side of the arena when you have them distracted with a bigger push. Your opponent will find it hard to defend against both pushes.