A large variety of possible pushes, ranging from a full LavaLoon with support to a quick Balloonion (Balloon and Minions).

Deck Information

Page Created by: Superfrostymmos
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Royal Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

Card Roles

Lava Hound: Your main tank, pair it mainly with Balloon, the Lava Hound will soak the damage, and the Balloon dealing massive damage to buildings and towers.
Balloon: Your main win condition, you can pair it with Baby Dragon for quick push, or with Lava Hound with supports.
Electro Wizard: Defense against air units and support the Lava Hound and Balloon. If you don't have the Electro Wizard, use Musketeer or Mega Minion.
Baby Dragon: Defense against swarms and support for Lava Hound. Use Baby Dragon to splash away air swarms. Executioner is also possible, though a lot more tricky to play.
Minions: Defense against ground and air units, can counter the Graveyard well. Also can support your Lava Hound.
Lightning: Take out medium-health troops such as the Witch or Musketeer in the back, or use it to take out Inferno Tower and defending troops such as Inferno Dragon or Wizard. Also can defend by taking out supporting troops, and take out Elite Barbarians in a pinch. Note: Elite Barbarians can still get up to 2 shots if you do this.
Zap: Use to stun, reset charges, and kill units with low health or swarm troops.
Furnace: Apply pressure and force opponent to respond, can defend against Hogs and pull building-targeting units. Can get a lot damage if ignored. Tombstone can be alternative in case your Furnace is underleveled, but won't do any chip damage to towers.


  • Always place your Lava Hound in back to start your push, then put the Balloon. Put supports like Baby Dragon and Electro Wizard when needed.
  • Use Furnace to continuously chip at enemy's tower or to defend.
  • Once a full LavaLoon is down, be prepared with Lightning. This will take out defending cards like Musketeers, Wizards, Inferno Towers, etc.