This deck is a very good attacking deck where the Legendary cards (Inferno Dragon and Miner) attack the towers while the other cards will defend your towers, and help in a counter push.

Deck Information

Page Created by: DarkMan 808
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Royal Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Wizard: Use Wizard to defend the Inferno Dragon and Miner from swarms like the Skeletons, Minions, etc.
Witch: Like Wizard, use her to defend your Legendaries from swarms and troops.
Dark Prince: Use Dark Prince offensively to attack Arena Towers and protect your troops from ground troops.
Skeleton Army: Your main defensive swarm card, use them against tanks, also use them to protect your troops from single target ground troops.
Zap: Your utility spell, use it to stun troops for a while, causing retargeting, also use them to clear swarms in case your Wizard/Witch dies.
Elite Barbarians: Use Elite Barbs to attack towers, defense against tanks with their high health and damage. Use them efficiently at counter push.
Inferno Dragon: Use Inferno Dragon offesively with Miner with his high dps, can also be used in defense as the tank melter.
Miner: Use Miner to deal chip damages to Arena Towers, use his high health to tank the damage for Inferno Dragon and other troops.


  • The main cards in this deck are the Inferno Dragon and the Miner. Although these are Legendaries, they aren't the strongest cards in the deck, but are usually used to win. You can use them offensively, along with the Dark Prince and Elite Barbarians, for maximum damage.
  • Start the battle by placing the Inferno Dragon in the back. As he is the slowest offensive unit, you can build up Elixir as he makes his way through the arena. Then, place the Elite Barbarians and the Dark Prince. Place the Dark Prince in the front, so that it will kill swarms while the the Elite Barbs and Inferno Dragon attack.
  • Use your Zap to take care of swarms when pushing with all the offensive cards. It can also be used to take care of Sparkies, Inferno Towers and opposing Inferno Dragons.
  • Send your Miner to the Enemy's towers to tank the damage for all the troops, with his decent health and decent damage, he will do a great job on tanking your offensive troops.
  • Use your Wizard, Witch, and Skeleton Army on defense, as they lack offensive capabilities. The Wizard and Witch could be used as a defense for all air troops, while the Skeleton Army can take care of the tanks and ground troops that don't deal splash damage.
  • Although mainly used on offensive, both the Inferno Dragon and Elite Barbarians can be used on defense against high hitpoint troops. Inferno Tower's high dps will melt the troops quickly, while Elite Barbarians has high health and deal great dps to the troops.