This is a simple Hog deck that focuses on countering Elite Barbarians.

Deck Information

Page Created by: SchmedricksRoyale
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: The Elite Barbarians are used to counter themselves, and to counter other units and complement pushes.
Fireball: The Fireball is used to take out/damage enemy units and buildings. they are also helpful when having to deal with Elite Barbarians. Try to Fireball units that cost at least 3 Elixir (preferably 4) and chip the opponents Crown Tower.
Ice Golem: The Ice Golem is used to tank for the Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians. It can also pull/kite units into the other lane. Very helpful when dealing with Elite Barbarians.
Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is the primary pushing unit. Pair him with an Ice Golem (place the Golem at the bridge with the Hog Rider against your Arena Tower), or Ice Spirit (quick drop the two units, either one can go in front but if you have a low-level Spirit the Hog Rider should always be dropped in front. The Hog Rider can also be snowballed into an Elite Barbarian push. He can also make a Baby Dragon take a U-turn to the other side of the Arena.
Zap: The Zap is what it is. Mandatory in 90% of decks. Being able to take out small units or bring them to a critical amount of health. The stun is useful for letting the Hog Rider get one more hit on an Arena Tower if Archers are being used to counter. Also useful when dealing with Elite Barbarians.
Ice Spirit: The Ice Spirit is a useful unit in every situation. Can be used to shuffle your deck and complement a Hog Push or Elite Barbarians push. Useful for defense, especially when dealing with Elite Barbarians since it leaves them immobile for 1.5 seconds.
Musketeer: The Musketeer is good for dealing with air units and complementing pushes. She can help deal with common pushes from the opponent because of her decent damage. Paired with an Ice Spirit she can counter Elite Barbarians if an Ice Golem is tanking, or with the assistance of Minions.
Minions: The Minions are used mostly for defense or complementing a Hog Rider.


  • An Ice Spirit Hog push can be done in two ways. By quick dropping the Ice Spirit in front or with the Hog in front. If the Spirit is in front he can tank enough shots from the tower to freeze it when the Hog gets there. This is not possible if it isn't leveled properly. Putting the Hog in front is useful for letting the Spirit survive and still freezing the tower. The Hog can also tank for the Spirit if the opponent decides to counter with a Musketeer.
  • If you have a Musketeer in your starting hand, with the Ice Spirit and Hog as well, you can place her in the back and snowball the Hog-Spirit combo into a push.
  • If you have nothing better in your starting hand, you can place Minions in the back to avoid wasting Elixir. This move can be snowballed into a push using a Hog Rider.
  • If you have an Ice Golem in your starting hand place him in the back at around 7-8 Elixir, as his slow move speed allows Elixir to gain up before he can travel to a plausible distance
  • This deck does not feature a building. So when dealing with a Royal Giant it is impossible to avoid taking damage, but the Elite Barbs can take him out with ease.
  • This deck can be very vulnerable to Giant Pushes if you are caught at an Elixir disadvantage.
  • If you keep losing to tank pushes such as Giant and Golem, you can replace Minions for a building, although if you go against a Lava Hound or Balloon you will take more damage depending on your cycle.
  • This deck is vulnerable against LavaLoon Lightning pushes, because the Musketeer and Minions are your only anti-air units. However, you can rush other lane with Elite Barbarians or Hog Rider when your opponent deployed Lava Hound.