The great thing about this deck is that it can be used for defense and for a push. With its cheap 3.0 average elixir cost, it's quite a versatile deck.

Deck Information

Page Created by: 77coolguy
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3

Card Roles

Tombstone: To drag enemy troops towards the "kill zone" between the two Crown Towers. It excels at distracting and can allow your troops to deal major damage to attacking units.
Hog Rider: This is your main win condition. He is susceptible to swarms so it's always wise to pack a Zap or Bomber. A powerful combo is Hog+Ice Spirit+Zap. The Ice Spirit can freeze enemies and Zap can finish off low hitpoint units. An alternative is to use residual units from a defence.
Bomber: The Bomber is an incredibly powerful defensive card. As long as you can keep him alive, he will obliterate most ground units. If your opponent has Zap, you can use Bomber+Ice Spirit to take out Hog Riders or Elite Barbarians. Afterwards, you can use him to do a Hog push.
Witch: The Witch may not pack a lot of punch put its Skeletons are great at distracting while the Archers or Bomber deal damage. The Witch is one of your only counters to Elite Barbarians so make sure to use her wisely!
Archers: Archers are a well-rounded card and can whittle down hitpoints fairly quickly. They are fragile so it is always important to divert attention from them to expendables like the Tombstone's skeletons. Archers are your primary defence against Lava Hound and Graveyard.
Skeleton Army: This card is excellent at countering glass-cannons like the Musketeer and Mini P.E.K.K.A. They can deal with most ground units when placed directly on top of them (exceptions are Bomber and Valkyrie). They can also counter Goblin Barrel and Graveyard. However, don't be too reliant on Skeleton Army as it can easily be countered by spells.
Ice Spirit: A cheap but volatile card that cycles your deck while making for some great Hog pushes or defences. A strong combo is Ice Spirit+Zap. This can counter minions and cycle your deck to stronger cards like Bomber or Witch.
Zap: An instant effect spell that is your Hog Rider's lifeline. Use it to quickly clear away skeletons or reset inferno cards. It pairs really well with Ice Spirit and together they can take out minions. You can also use to assist Archers when defending against a Lava Hound


  • The cards in this deck are highly susceptible to Fireball, so make sure to space out your defending units to ensure your opponent doesn't make a positive elixir trade.
  • When in circulation, ether place the Witch behind the King's Tower or place a Tombstone.
  • If the Witch or the Tombstone isn't in circulation, then place some Archers, a Bomber, or even an Ice Spirit in the of the King's Tower and begin to build a defense anyways.
  • When you feel the time is right, you can place Hog Rider down in front of residual units to form a threatening push. This is great as the residual units can help clear the way for the Hog Rider or rack up additional damage while the Hog tanks.