Deck Information

Page Created by: Luke314
Minimum Recommended King Level: 4
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Builder's Workshop
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Bomber: Used for taking out swarms of enemies like Skeleton Army. Can also deal high damage to a crown tower if the tower is distracted
Musketeer: Used for taking out airborne troops like Balloon and Baby Dragon. Not bad on offense, either.
Skeleton Army: Used for taking out high hitpoint troops that hit hard but take a while to re hit. Example: Prince
Arrows: Used for taking out Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, etc.
Rocket: Used for taking out high hitpoint cards that you have no good counter for. Can also finish off Towers
Hog Rider: One of the two offensive cards in this deck. Best used with supporting troops.
Goblin Barrel: Another one of the two offensive cards in this deck. Try Pairing it up with Hog Rider for an amazing offensive push!
Baby Dragon: Used for taking out Swarms of enemies. Can also deal good damage to towers if used right.


  • For a really good offensive push, Try Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel. Place the Rider 1st and then launch the Barrel. The tower will be distracted by the Hog Rider, and the Goblins can do amazing damage.
  • Another good offensive push is Hog Rider + Baby Dragon, But be sure to place the dragon either farther up or much earlier than the Hog Rider.
  • If there is a high hitpoint flying troop headed your way, Baby Dragon + Musketeer is the way to go. Can easily take out Balloon with the Balloon dealing little or no damage to your tower
  • In the final minute, Try Hog Rider+Baby Dragon, and then add Skeleton Army! This is not an easy combo to take out.