Deck Information

Page Created by: Hayden977
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is your main win condition and can be used as a defense in specific situations.
Mini P.E.K.K.A.: The Mini Pekka is a reliable tank killer and counters most ground cards.
Wizard: The Wizard's job is to slow the advance of huts, Witches, and swarm troops.
Zap: The Zap is your primary defensive tool and only spell. Combined with the Mini Pekka, it takes out Sparky, as well as being a great stop to swarm and huts alike.
Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is your secondary win condition and last resort defense. Paired with a Hog Rider, it can kill a tower if not countered correctly.
Archers: Archers are mostly for defense, as well as rolling up a small push. Balloons used to cause me lots of trouble before I added the Archers.
Goblins: The Goblins are mainly paired with the Hog Rider for a small push. They hold very high value on both defense and offence.
Spear Goblins: The Spear Goblins hold a similar role to the Goblins, providing support on defense and rolling together small pushes.


  • When the game first starts, you will almost always be making the first move. Remember that there is no chance of you winning unless you apply constant pressure and control your opponent's elixir.
  • Once you have made the first move, defend the counterpush without worrying much about the elixir. It is fine to deploy Archers and Spear Gobs to defend a Skeleton Army, as long as you are confident in defending a balloon in the other lane.
  • You shouldn't deploy the Wizard before Double Elixir, unless they deploy a Minion Horde, Witch, or Wizard and you don't have Archers or Spear Gobs. The same goes for the Mini Pekka, but you should be able to gain 4-7 elixir to stop a Golem in the back.
  • Around 1:30, you will, ideally, try to conserve your elixir as much as possible. This is so you have extra elixir to deploy the Wizard, as Double Elixir is mayhem and you will need to stop bridge spam, huts, deathballs, etc before they reach your tower.
  • During Double Elixir, Hog Riders and other tanks pose a deadly threat. The reason I avoided putting in a building was to prevent Elixir from decaying once a Cannon, Inferno, whatever has served it's use. Once you shut down a push, you should use as much of your defense into offense, stopping you from wasting Elixir.
  • You should be able to take out a tower before 1:08. If not you should have chipped down both towers to about 1/3 of their original health. That way, you can take them out within 30 seconds, then defending, taking the other tower if need be.
  • Here are two creative ways I have used on defenses turned into offenses:
  • Using the Hog Rider deployed in front of the King, but at the bridge. This way, you can pull medium to slow moving troops back to their side. The closer you move the Hog to the bridge, the slower the unit should be. Once the Hog is deployed, the troop will begin to target it and walk towards it. Then, the Hog will jump and the unit will lose sight of it. Once the Hog lands, they will resume targeting it and follow the Hog back to the tower.
  • Spam troops down to pull the Giant Skeleton around. Once the skelly has crossed the bridge, deploy Spear Gobs two tiles left of the tower and 2 up. After that, place Goblins behind the Giant Skeleton, followed by Archers where you would place the Hog (read above).