Deck Information

Page Created by: Hamzahkamal
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is a fast damage-dealer and mostly paired with the wizard, or night witch, this combo-push can be used when the enemy uses an Elixir Collector, a Golem, or anything else expensive, but i don't recommend to do any push using this deck.
Rage: Mostly used for the Hog Rider, or with any combo. I can see it with Skarmy if they reach the tower and the opponent has no elixir. Don't waste it unless you are sure that your cards are dealing with the tower. This card for me can be a win card in the last seconds, with you put the Hog Rider with Rage, it would help the Hog Rider to damage the rest HP from the opponent tower in few seconds.
Giant Skeleton: The Giant Skeleton is your tanker. When paired with a Wizard, almost nothing can stop it. You put the Giant Skeleton first so it absorbs all of the damage, leaving the Wizad to destroy the enemy card and then deal with tower. They are also a great defense against Elite Barbs, surprisingly destroying them rather quickly. If you can let him reach the opponent tower, then you almost win the game
Wizard: The Wizard does a great deal of splash damage, and it is good getting rid of tanks and swarms. He does decent damage, and has very good coordination with the Giant Skeleton because he can hit air while he is a tank. The Wizard can beat units as much as 5 Elixir and can be a help in the battlefield. Left alone, the Wizard can do as much as 800 damage to the Tower, which is a lot!. But, if went to the same tower with a tank like the Giant Skeleton or Hog Rider, sometimes with Night Witch, then he would deal a massive 1,400 damage alone! In this deck, if paired with the Hog Rider and Rage, they can destroy a tower and can slightly damage the Kings Tower. With Giant Skeleton, they can also deal some damage to Elite Barbs, so there is no need to be worried! Be careful when your opponent has fireball that can make a lot of damage for your awesome Wizard.
Night Witch: Night Witch is your support troop, in defense she can take out high hitpoint troops with her bats like hog rider, Royal Giant, Giant, Lava. Make sure you support her with the Giant Skeleton or Wizard, since she can deal heavy damage to many troops and her bats can distract air units giving some time for the Baby Dragon to kill them. This the only card can be replaced by minion horde, specially in arena 10 and below. you will be always need the Night Witch from arena 10 and above.
Arrows: The Arrows are your spell; use them mainly to kill a Minion Horde or Skeleton Army, although they can also be used against a group of spawned Spear Goblins from a Goblin Hut. If the Arrows are out of the rotation and a Minion Horde is placed, a great way to counter it is to place down an Skarmy or tombstone, or you let your wizard deal with them. If the opponent is using a Zap Bait deck, don't waste Arrows on a Goblin Barrel or the Skeleton Army. Your Skarmy is for the Goblin Barrel, the Wizard is for the enemies Skeleton Army, and the Arrows are for the Minion Horde.
Tombstone: Tombstone, the only defensive building, is mostly used to defend against the Giant, the Balloon, the Giant Skeleton, the P.E.K.K.A., the Golem, the Sparky, the Royal Giant, battle ram, lava, mini pekka, elite barbarian, and the Ice Golem. it's very important card that can slow down the opponent rush.
Skeleton Army: As the only real swarm card of this deck, the job of the Skeleton Army is to deal massive damage to the opponents Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Giant, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A. elite barbarian, mini pekka, and Golem. But, the Skarmy can also stop the Prince, the Barbarians, in addition to slow down the minion horde (if you don't have arrows in your hand, so the tower can deal with minions), the Graveyard, the Battle Ram, Elite Barbarians, Three Musketeers, the Bowler(again, it's better to use a giant skeleon, or night witch against him), and I find myself using the Skeleton Army even against the Goblin Barrel. Just place the Skarmy directly in front of the Crown Tower, when the Goblins form a triangle


  • Set up the Giant Skeleton behind the King Tower, and once he reach the bridge, then you can deploy the Wizard, and Hog rider with Rage.
  • Hog Rider could be used with Wizard, and Night Witch with Rage when they reach the tower, and they can deal with it.
  • If the Opponent has a high hitpoint tank card then save your Giant Skeleton and Wizard or Night Witch to deal with it, and then you can start your attack.
  • If the opponent has inferno dragon, then let the giant Skeleton reach it and then don't be sad when you lost it because his bomb will deal with the Inferno.