This deck manipulates the opponent's ability to counter placed troops and is meant to punish their countering ability. This deck is good for climbing through Arena 7 to 9.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Hazewitha3
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Card Roles

Giant: In this push, the Giant is a Land Sponge that takes damage while dealing it.
Princess: The Princess is a ranged troop that can shoot without the Arena Tower hitting it.
Lava Hound: The Lava Hound is a really tanky Air Sponge that can split into 6 Lava Pups. They don't deal good damage, but can tank for the ones that do.
Minion Horde: The Minion Horde can counter big pushes with the Elite Barbarians while countering swarms like the Goblin Gang.
Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army can counter single troops such as the P.E.K.K.A. while also countering Towers such as the Tesla and Inferno Tower for a positive Elixir trade.
Miner: The Miner can be used to counter any mini tanks such as the Ice Wizard and also can counter Goblins. They are useful, but you should watch out if your opponent pulls them to the King Tower with a Tornado.
Graveyard: The Graveyard can spawn Skeletons that can do massive damage if not hit. Alone, the Graveyard can almost destroy a tower, so with tanky units like the Lava Hound and Gaint, it can be useful.
Rage: Rage can help boost the speeds of all the cards by 35%. This can make you win even faster and can stress the opponent out.


  • Use the Giant and Lava Hound at the same time, at exactly 7 seconds after Giant spawn.
  • After using Giant and Lava Hound, wait 5 seconds to spawn Graveyard on any tower that is focused on one of the two damage sponges (Giant, Lava Hound).
  • Wait 5 seconds after Graveyard is spawned to spawn Minion Horde on the path to the tower that we have been focusing on.
  • Finally, you're first tower should be destroyed, immediately after, spawn Miner toward the back of the King's Tower.
  • There is absolutely no way your opponent can counter this combo, unless they counter push on the other side.