This deck has great defensive capabilities and can be hard to face against.

Deck Information

Page Created by: EmeraldCraftMC
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Minion Horde: Mainly used for defense. The are your main support killer. Also your secondary tank killer.
Guards: Mainly used for defense. They can be used to distract support troops.
Knight: Mainly used for defense. He is your main support distractor.
Inferno Tower: Main used for defense. Your primary tank killer.
Ice Golem: Can be used for defense or offense. The main tank for your Graveyard.
Fireball: Mainly used for offense. Counters most counters to Graveyard.
The Log: Mainly used for defense. Very important card because of Goblin Barrel in the meta.
Graveyard: Mainly used for offense. Primary win condition. The most important card in the deck.


  • At the start of the match you make an investment and if your opponent play something in the back, punish with an Ice Golem Graveyard Combo. (Assuming you used something else to invest in elixir.)
  • When your opponent uses a counter, use a Fireball on them if you know it is safe to do so and you know it can get your Graveyard to deal massive damage.
  • If you have Graveyard, Inferno Tower, Fireball, and The Log at your hand, play your Graveyard so that you can see what is their counter.
  • If they mostly use a specific counter (like Goblin Gang), you can use a prediciton a Fireball on your next Graveyard.
  • Against Elite Barbarians, you can use a unit to distract and another one to deal damage to them, like kiting them with an Ice Golem then use Guards or Knight to pull them to the center for your Princess Tower to kill them.
  • If it is double elixir time you can go with and aggressive with Ice Golem Graveyard.
  • If you are facing against a Graveyard, your Minion Horde will be your main counter. If you know your opponent is gonna use Poison or Fireball, your Knight can help counter Graveyard until the Fireball landed or the Poison has expired.
  • When facing a Lavaloon, use your Inferno Tower to pull the Lava Hound and Balloon and Minion Horde to take out though the Death Bomb of the Balloon can kill most or all of the Minions and it will most likely be paired with a splash unit so be careful, otherwise, use your Ice Golem or Knight to distract while your Minion Horde takes out the support troops.