Greetings! Assassin is here with another powerful deck, this deck can give you easy crowns if played carefully, but one wrong play and bam! it will cost you the entire game. I found this deck most suitable for 2v2 Clan Battles, but also powerful at tournaments as well.

Deck Information

Page Created by: AssassinOnDisguise
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Battle Ram: Your main offensive card, use the Ram to tank for the Graveyard, or to destroy Crown Tower itself.
Graveyard: Your second offensive card, use Graveyard when tanked by the Batte Ram or the Valkyrie, do not send this card alone.
Freeze: Your support spell for either the Battle Ram or Graveyard. Pairs extremely well with Valkyrie on defense. Freeze is expensive and if wrongly used, prepare for mounstrous push from your enemy.
Valkyrie: Your defensive splash troop. It is most effective to use Valkyrie at counter push.
Mega Minion: Your high DPS troop. Use the Mega Minion for defense against high hitpoints troops.
Electro Wizard: Your most awesome man, defend against Sparky, Inferno Dragon, and Balloon with this card.
Zap: Your utility spell, use Zap to clear swarms, can also stun, reset charge attacks and make troops retarget.
Inferno Tower: Your main tank killer, roast the big guys with this. Watch out for Lightning though.


  • The main strategy of this deck is to combine the Graveyard with Battle Ram and Freeze. To make this work, put Battle Ram behind the Kings Tower, after the Battle Ram crossed the bridge, cast the Graveyard, and if you have enough Elixir, use the Freeze. This works best with Valkyrie however, and thus it may be efficient to deploy this combo at Double Elixir period.
  • Use both Valkyrie and Mega Minion mainly only on defense, especially against glass cannons behind a tank. If they survive, quickly launch a counter push.
  • Use Freeze carefully, do not drop it if you don't have to or it will become a waste of 4 Elixir, leaving you open to enemy's push.
  • Electro Wizard mainly used in defense, he can can deal with Sparky and strong air troops like Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, Balloon, and more since he is constantly stunning them.
    • However the Electro Wizard can be used offensively with Valkyrie and Graveyard.
  • Use Inferno Tower only on tanks, and medium health troop that attack buildings only.
  • Use Zap to clear off swarms that tried to counter your Graveyard or Battle Ram.
  • Battle Ram can be used sometimes on defense, since the Battle Ram can spawn distracting two Barbarians.