Have you ever been stuck in Arena 7 because of those pesky level 8s and 9s? Well, here's a deck that helped me, a level 7 player, into Frozen Peak. I encourage you all to try this, because it has helped me immensely.

Deck Information

Page Created by: desertfoxd7
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Golem: The Golem is the main win condition of the deck, and probably the only one (unless if you count chipping). The best hand would be something with a Golem, because it is essential placing this down at 10 elixir. After waiting for the 3-second deploy time, see if the opponent tries counter-pushing on the other lane. Try to block the push, and if successful, support the Golem. If unsuccessful, remember that this deck is difficult to use until double elixir, and a tower for tower is a good deal.Golems are very difficult to stop, especially with the death damage.
Witch: The Witch is one of three main supporting troops, along with Wizard and Mega Minion. Put her behind the Golem for maximum effectiveness, or combine her with Tornado for a deadly defensive combination.The best combo is Golem+Witch+Mega Minion, because Witch can distract tank-killers with skeletons and Mega Minion can take out Valkyrie with the Witch. (Valkyrie is a hard counter to this deck)
Wizard: The Wizard is also one of three main supporting troops. He basically does the same thing as the Witch; just remember he does not spawn skeletons to distract Mini P.E.K.K.A., which might be a problem. However, he can one-shot Minion Horde, which is always useful.
Mega Minion: Mega Minion is the only flying troop. He is replaceable with the 3 Minions, but I prefer him because of his high HP. He can do massive damage to troops getting in the way of the Witch and Wizard, especially if they are ground, like Valkyrie.
Skeleton Army: Skarmy is one of the best defensive cards there are, but you can replace them with 1-elixir skeletons or a building. They can destroy lots of pushes with no support, or can play on offense (always risky).
Fire Spirits: Fire Spirits are very versatile, on defense and offense. On defense, they can take out Minion Horde, Skarmy, and other swarm troops. They can also deal heavy damage to single-target troops, effectively killing them. On offense, they can be used for the same purpose. Use this card wisely; its cheap cost brings an even larger profit.
Tornado: Tornado. I've always liked this card for some reason. Whether by drawing Miners, Hog Riders, or Goblin Barrels to the King Tower or bunching troops together for the Witch and Wizard's splash damage, it is always a useful spell. You can switch this out for arrows, fireball, or poison, but personally, I prefer this card.
Zap: Zap is an amazing card. For 2 elixir, it can reset Inferno Tower, another hard counter, kill swarm troops, and the 0.5 second freeze is no bad thing either. Use this card wisely, as with Fire Spirits; positive Elixir trading!


  • Place down Golem at 10 elixir; if you don't have a Golem in your starting hand, make positive Elixir trades.
  • These are the two hard counters to Golem: buildings (i.e. Inferno Tower) and Valkyrie. To counter these, Zap and Mega Minion should do the job, combined with Witch and/or Wizard.
  • Play defensively the first two minutes, but put a Golem down if you can. This will put pressure on the opponent, so you can gain a couple of hundred damage on the other lane with chip damage because he will be concentrating on one lane.
  • Don't over-commit! If you see he is shutting your attack down, pull out and get ready to make positive elixir trades before making the next push.
  • This is an intense deck. Tower-for-tower is usual, so don't get frustrated too early!