Hey everyone, today I'm sharing my deck which got me through from Arena 7 to Arena 8, and I'm still using it! If you need any help with the deck message my wall.

Deck Information

Page Created by: ModdingArt
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Royal Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

Card Roles

Golem: Used as a Tank. Don't plant before double elixir unless you have a big lead and think you can afford it and don't need to defend.
Lightning: Lightning is a great spell, from taking out a support unit, from shutting down a heaving hitting troop like balloon, you can't go wrong on this spell, don't be afraid to make a negative elixir trade.
Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon is a great card, use it to counter small swarms, if you have one alive plant Minions or Mega Minion behind it for a counter push.
Elixir Collector: The pump is a great card, it's use is fairly simple, plant it at the start of the game, and when you have an elixir advantage and don't need to worry about defence.
Mega Minion: Mega Minion is a great, high damage defensive card. I advice using it against cards like Wizards or Witch.
Minions: Minions are great air swarm cards which can take out Skeleton Army or Inferno Dragon if sent in alone.
Arrows: Arrows don't need much explanation, you can use it to chip a tower or to take out a small swarm.
Skeletons: Skeletons are a beast with the fourth skeleton, if any unit is locked onto a tower, plant skeletons around it to take it out quickly, planting it behind a tank can actually do a lot of damage.


  • For the first 2 minutes of the game you should prioritise defence, your first move should be placing your pump behind your Arena Tower or in front of your King Tower.
  • Every game will be different so I can't give precise detail for every deck and card.
  • Don't try to push before double elixir unless it's a counter push, or your ahead on elixir. I advise if you have a Baby Dragon alive to plant Minions or Mega Minion behind it to push the tower.
  • Just before double elixir, place a Golem behind your King Tower and from there just keep adding units to the push.
  • Happy Wins.


  • Golem: none
  • Lightning: None
  • Baby Dragon: none
  • Elixir Pump: The Log, Tombstone, or Cycle unit or a cheap card that you use to counter a current threat
  • Mega Minion: none
  • Minions: Archers - more stability
  • Skeletons: Tombstone for building-targeting units

Other Info

  • I cannot write out how to counter every card so if you are struggling with facing a deck, contact me on my message wall.
  • I advice using this deck in arena 7, 8 and possibly 6. I also advice having all cards at Tourney Standered -1 or higher
  • Make sure you have fun