Skip out of the King's Cup Deck and introduce a new deck! Now I will bring you through a card breakdown to show you the purposes and uses for each of the cards!

Deck Information

Page Created by: SPEAR GOBLIN
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Card Roles

Golem: The star of this deck. Is mainly used on offense when conducting a large push. Once the Golem is killed, don’t lose hope! The Golemites are very strong tanks in this deck as well. On defense, the Golem serves the purpose of distraction. If there are two angry Elite Barbarians charging at your tower and the Furnace isn’t enough to defend, place down a Golem, and the Elite Barbarians will be as good as dead!
Graveyard: This is the main support troop to the Golem and is what eventually takes down towers. When a Golem is targeted by the Arena Tower and other defensive troops, place down the Graveyard to assist the destruction, along with the Giant Rock buddy. DON’T USE IT ON DEFENSE! This is solely an offensive card, and is best hidden to your opponent until the perfect push is underway.
Furnace: A card that is meant for chip damage. If your Furnace is leveled up, one Fire Spirit should make it to the tower and will chip the arena tower over time. If it is not leveled up, the Furnace will still be useful for distracting troops on defense. It is a very effective card if played correctly, which in this deck, it should be placed in front of your King’s Tower and on the side in which you are trying to target your opponent’s tower. It is also useful to add more damage and support to the large push.
Executioner: This newly introduced card honestly should be nerfed in my opinion, but I love it! It is a Wizard, but it throws axes instead of Fireballs, hits troops over and back, and doesn’t where a shirt! More seriously, the Executioner can be a huge surprise when your opponent counters your Golem with a Skeleton Army and Minion Horde at the same time. Once the Executioner executes all swarms in his way, he is off to the tower to add another 52×2 DPS to the mix.
Ice Golem: This card just seems boring. It has low damage, and looks uninteresting in general. But this guy is actually a general in the Arena. Place a Skeleton Army to counter him? The Skeleton Army is gone, leaving you with a positive elixir trade! If a Prince is charging at your tower, place an Ice Golem in the center of your side of the arena to easily pull the silly Prince to the other lane. This “lame” Ice Golem will make the opposing player look like a fool.
Minions: The only air troops in this deck, but are there for a reason. If facing one of those annoying Lava Hound Inferno Dragon decks (trust me, I know because I used to use this deck) just place the Minions on the Inferno Dragon once it crosses the bridge, and they will immediately kill it, and continue on to take down the Lava Hound. If your opponent too has a Graveyard, place the Minions to not even let their Graveyard get on hit off on your tower. Minions are very worth it, for just three elixir.
Skeleton Army: Now, this is your swarm. You probably are familiar with this card by now, because it is extremely popular. If your opponent places the Royal Giant or the Elite Barbs and are actually smart, they would have a Log, Zap, or Arrows to counter your Skeleton Army. Try to bait their spell with the Minions or Furnace, and follow it up by using the Skeleton Army to take down their powerful troops.
Arrows: The final card of this winning deck! I would have used Zap in this spot before the January balance changes, however, when Zap was nerfed (which is stupid, everyone loves it), Arrows suddenly became relevant again. Even if you have a Log (as I do), don’t use it in this deck. Arrows counter air, and that is important in this deck. Some things that Arrows can do that Zap cannot do is kill a Princess, wreck a Goblin Barrel, and take down the Minion Horde. This may not seem like a big deal, until a half injured Minion Horde because of the Zap is coming at your tower, your tower is targeting their Miner, and you are out of elixir. Arrows could cleaned this mess up for you!

General Gameplan

  • If you start out with a Golem in your hand, place it in either the bottom left or right corner once you reach 10 elixir. Then, follow the Golem up with the Executioner once it reaches the bridge, and the Graveyard in the back corner of your opponent’s Arena Tower.
  • It is required that you don’t place the Graveyard on or near the King Tower, because if the Graveyard touches the King Tower, the King is awakened prepared to shoot down your push.
  • If you start your hand with a Furnace, place it as I described before, and place the Ice Golem at the bridge so your opponent will feel the need to counter it with something that costs more elixir while your Furnace gets chip damage.
  • Then, continue with the Golem push once your reach 10 elixir again.

A Deck That Beats This Deck

  • Now although this might be based on my own playing style, I have noticed that one deck in particular has wrecked this deck during my journey from Jungle Arena to Legendary Arena: The Giant Sparky deck.
  • This deck also includes the Executioner, so it easily cuts through the swarms I place to counter the Sparky.
  • Also, the Golem Graveyard deck does not include a Zap to reset the Sparky, so she is most likely to get a hit off in the tower.
  • I personally have tried the Giant Sparky deck myself, and had a lot of failure with it, so overall, as long as you don’t face the Giant Sparky deck, this Golem Graveyard should be strong against everything else.

Happy playing!