This deck is good for trophy pushing.

Deck Information

Page Created by: EaterOfSoulsYT
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Builder's Workshop
Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

Card Roles

Golem: Your main tank.
Wizard: Your splash support unit troop, use him with the Golem. Wizard is also effective against moderate hitpoint troops and air units.
Goblins: Your support troop for the Golem to deal more damage. Can also be used defensively against glass cannons.
Spear Goblins: Another of your support troop for the Golem. Can also be used in defense as distraction and against air units.
Fireball: Your medium-high damage spell, use this against defending air swarms or glass cannons.
Minion Horde: Your swarm card, use the horde defensively against tanks, can also support your Golem to deal immense damage.
Elixir Collector: Use the pump to get additional Elixir for the push. But watch out for Rockets and Miner.
Archers: Your anti air units, use Archers in defense against dangerous flying units like Balloon, and to support your Golem by eliminating flying units.


  • Wait to get 10 Elixir and place down the Elixir Collector, then place down the Golem when you reached 10 Elixir again, and then place support troops like the Wizard, Archers behind the Golem.
  • Always place the Golem behind your King's Tower. The Golem is slow, so he will give enough Elixir to build up a large push.
  • Defend enemy's pushes with your Spear Goblins, Goblins, Archers, Minion Horde and Wizard.
  • Don't use this deck if your cards are at low levels.