This deck is best suited for players who are all-round with beat-down deck stereotypes. This is a very risky deck to play because of its high average elixir cost, but if played right, it can be devastating. Months of evolving over time has made it the deck it is now.It is perfected to suit all beat-down players.

Deck Information

Page Created by: FishGoesTweet
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Wizard: Support when paired with Golem, defense from swarms.
Golem: Main tank and win condition, clone it when possible and always have support with it.
Fireball: Emergency defense or Crown Towers finisher.
Clone: Used to strengthen pushes built with Golem. But watch out for spells that can kill cloned troops easily.
Baby Dragon: Same role as the Wizard, mini-tank for mini-pushes, defense from swarms, and support your Golem.
Mega Minion: Defense from troops that have medium to large health, main defense from flying tanks.
Ice Wizard: Support for any tanks, supportive defense.
Ice Spirit: Support for Golem, stall for defense.


  • The Clone spell is meant to clone the Golem and any supportive troops, do not waste it!
  • This deck becomes more effective at the 1-minute mark because of the Double Elixir time, allowing for a huge push build up.
  • Always place your Golem at either the bridge for an emergency push or preferably in the back for a push build up.
  • Wait for your opponent to deploy cards that would normally counter your Golem and counter those cards before you actually place the Golem.
  • This deck is designed for synergies, too. Pair cards together like Baby Dragon and Mega Minion or Wizard and Golem to maximize deck capabilities.
  • This deck's high average elixir cost leaves it vulnerable to opposite lane pushes. Be careful to never leave yourself with less than 3 Elixir unless you know that your opponent does not use opposite lane pushes as a strategy.
  • This deck is also vulnerable to other beat-down deck users. They will try to prevent you from placing your Golem as much as possible, pressuring you and forcing you to place cards that were originally planned to be support for your Golem and draining your Elixir out.