Greetings! Assassin is here with another deck. It was a simple Giant Prince beat-down with Poison and another troops to support them.

Deck Information

Page Created by: AssassinOnDisguise
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Giant: The main tank of the deck. Use his high health to shield your troops.
Poison: Medium damaging spell to be used to counter medium-hitpoint troops, and large swarms.
Prince: Main win condition. Use his charge damage to destroy opponent's towers. He can be used on defense as well.
The Log: Your utility spell. Use The Log to destroy ground swarms and knock back any troops.
Lumberjack: The Lumberjack can be used to support your Giant and Prince with his Rage. He can be used on defense with his high DPS too.
Executioner: Your main splash troop to protect your Giant push from amy swarms. Works amazingly well with Tornado.
Tornado: Tornado can pull any troops to center. Allowing Executioner to finish all of them. Also useful on activating your King's Tower early.
Ice Golem: Mini-tank for distracting opponent's troops.


  • To start your offensive push, place down the Giant when your reached 10 Elixir. After you reached 10 Elixir again, put down the Prince, and then Executioner. The Prince will eliminate any defending glass cannons and buildings, he will also deals damage to the towers. The Executioner will eliminate any swarms.
  • You can use Lumberjack instead of Prince in your push in case your Prince isn't in current rotation. You can also use Poison to eliminate enemy's swarms in case your Executioner isn't in current rotation.
  • The Giant, The Prince, and Lumberjack is also effective combo, but very weak against swarms. Make sure you have spells like The Log or Poison in your current rotation.
  • Tornado can be used to activate King's Tower early, the troops that can be pulled including Hog Rider, and other melee troops. The Executioner and Tornado pairs extremely well. Especially in defense against Lavaloon pushes.
  • Ice Golem can provide distraction, so your troops can defeat opponent's troops quickly. If you can, put Ice Golem in front of the pushes to protect the Giant and your troops for a while.
  • Watch out for air pushes since this deck only has one reliable anti-air unit (Executioner).