One of the most great decks inside the area of the Giant and Witch combo! Be careful, the cards need to be one level higher from tournament rules, so it can fully work.

Deck Information

Page Created by: PerPer1009
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Zap: Zap is used to clear swarms of low-hitpoint troops like Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde, etc. Zap can stun and reset Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, Sparky, etc.
Fireball: Fireball is used to counter medium-hitpoint troops like Musketeer, Electro Wizard, others and to damage buildings and Elixir Collectors. Also a great way to finish off weakened Crown Towers.
Giant: Giant is the main star in the deck. Use him to tank all your troops to destroy enemy's Crown Towers.
Tombstone: Tombstone is your main and the only defensive building. Use it to counter Prince, Sparky, Elite Barbarians, and building targeting troops.
Mega Minion: Mega Minion is useful in defense and offense. It can defeat high hitpoint troops like Balloon and Baby Dragon with its high DPS. It can also support your Giant in offense by killing enemy's defensive glass cannons.
Witch: Witch is for supporting your Giant. Her spawned Skeletons can distract troops/buildings and can deal extra damage, her splash can clear away swarms. She is also useful in defense against single target troops like Prince, then translate into counter push.
Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army is your defensive swarm. Use Skarmy to surround tanks, single-target ground troops. But be careful when using them as they are weak to splash damage.
Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard is powerful in supporting your Giant and also defense. He deals zap which can stun and slow down troops, render Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon useless. His spawn damage can be used against swarms as well.


  • Start your offensive push by placing the Giant in the back. Wait again for 10 Elixir, then start to drop the Witch, and then your Ewiz. The Witch will splash away swarms and deal extra damage with her Skeletons. While Ewiz will stun and slow down defensive troops and buildings. Also support your push with your spells (Zap and Fireball) in case your troops are in trouble.
  • Defend your towers mainly with Skeleton Army, Witch, Ewiz, and Mega Minion. Playing a counter push is really effective, if your Witch, Ewiz, and/or Mega Minion survived after defending enemy's pushes. Put the Giant in front of them to tank them.
  • Bonus info: You can change the Electro Wizard with the Minions, even though they don't have the same mechanics, it can work perfectly with the deck