If you start with the pump put it wait for your enemy try to cause damage if it uses a miner use minions or goblins, then once you’re with 8/9 you put a giant behind the tower than cycle until you get another pump. If your enemy knows how to counter sparky and giant use the minion horde,sparky and giant for surprise your enemy.Use the zap against minions not minion horde because he might do hog and horde attack USE THE ARROWS to avoid massive damage or more 1 crown for your opponent ,use the zap for swarm cards like skeleton army an goblin gang. Good luck with the deck!!  :D

Deck Information

Page Created by: FodzGb
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Builder's Workshop
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Sparky: Sparky is you main tower damager. Place her behind a Giant to protect him from any ground swarms and glass cannons.
Giant: Giant is your main tank for your smaller troops. He has a great health for his cheap cost.
Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector can provide you extra Elixir that can be useful for your pushes.
Arrows: Arrows are for protecting your push and defense against air and ground swarms (Mainly Minion Horde).
Zap: Zap is useful for resetting charges from Inferno Towers. Can deal with swarms as well.
Goblins: Archers are great for support and defense with their moderate DPS and hitspeed. They can survive any spells except Fireball.
Minions: Minions hold the same role as Archer, but they can fly but far more fragile.
Minion Horde: Skeleton Army is used against high hitpoint single-target troops like Hog Rider and Giant.


  • Place down your Elixir Collector when you reached 10 Elixir, then place down your Giant, followed by Sparky behind him. And then place down your support troops like Archers and/or Minions, and also ready your spells.
  • NEVER send your Giant or Sparky alone since they both can be killed easily without supports.
  • If you know your opponent is using Inferno Tower to counter your push. Try to distract it with your Minions by placing them on bridge.
  • Skeleton Army is your main defense against tanks, Ebarbs, and many single-target troops. But they are not very reliable since they can die easily to splash damage.
  • Sparky is also good on defense due to her high damage. But she is very vulnerable to Zap, Rocket, Lightning, and Electro Wizard that might supporting your opponent's pushes.
  • For defense against air troops, use your Minions and Archers.