Hard push or Split push/rush deck. This is an original deck that I made myself. I like playing non meta cards like Giant Skeleton and Tesla. Got me to Legendary Arena.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Exotic Butters
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Giant Skeleton: Great card on offense or defense, serving as a tank or high damage dealer. Couple this card with the Tornado Spell for an impossible to avoid death trap.
Elite Barbarians: Fast, high damage dealing troops. Can also be used on offense or defense. A good rush card.
Executioner: Like Giant Skeleton, paired with Tornado it can take out lots of pushes. Also very good on offense to support your Giant Skeleton or Elite Barbarians.
Minions: Very strong air troop. Is very good on defense.
Dart Goblin: Underrated yet strong card. Besides Tesla, if they place their buildings normally the Dart Goblin can snipe it from across the bridge, then continue to do a little chip damage.
Tornado: Tornado is a very versatile card. It can be used in many situations and is my personal favorite card. I have used it ever since it came out, and have worked out all of the kinks and gimmicks that come with the card.
Zap: I don't think any deck of mine would survive without this card. It is so useful in many situations. It is an instant spell, so it can be used reactively, and it is only two Elixir.
Tesla: Surprisingly underused card. If you look at the stats of this card versus the Cannon, you see that for only one more Elixir, you get a building that does more damage, hits air and hides. I don't understand why no one uses it. Not only that, but it is only common so it is easy to upgrade.


  • You could potentially replace the Elite Barbarians with Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • If you don't have Executioner, it could be replaced by Witch or preferably, Wizard.
  • Archers are a possible replacement for the Dart Goblin if you don't have it at a high enough level.
  • Although unwise in my opinion, Zap could be replaced with The Log.

Defensive Strategy

  • Pull Hog Riders to the King Tower or use your Tesla to counter it. Place the Tesla in the middle, and the Tornado in the center offset towards the side of the Hog Rider, one tile forward from you Arena Tower. This will eliminate all hits and a guaranteed King Tower activation, if the Hog Rider is at full health. Once the King Tower is activated, place the Tornado one tile further from the Arena to eliminate all damage whatsoever.
  • Try to place your Tesla reactively as much as possible. For large beatdown decks start your own Giant Skeleton in the back, and once it gets killed use the Tornado spell to pull the entire push into the Giant Skeleton's bomb. Once the Tank crosses the river place your Tesla in the opposite lane from the Tank (not in the center), and help kill the Tank with Minions or Dart Goblin.
  • Zap Bait is easily countered by Executioner, which can translate into a significant counterpush.
  • Graveyard Decks are easily countered by Dart Goblin or Minions.
  • Royal Giants are pretty easily countered as well by Elite Barbarians, or Minions, with a Tesla placed on the side of the Arena two tiles up from the Arena Tower.
  • If you have them in hand, if they place a Golem, rush the opposite side with Elite Barbarians.

Offensive Strategy

  • An effective push is to do Giant Skeleton with Executioner on one side, and then rush the other with Elite Barbarians. If you do use the Mini P.E.K.K.A. I recommend it be part of your big push to deal with any high DPS troops.
  • You could rush one tower with Elite Barbarians, while hovering a Zap. A risky play, but worth it if they have only a Skeleton Army or Tombstone to take care of them.