A medium skill beatdown deck where you snowball your Giant, or counter attack after defending.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Giant: The main offensive unit of this deck. Pair him with the Lightning, as they are used well together.
Ice Wizard: A defensive splash unit. His job is to slow down the attacking units so your towers can kill them, allowing for your Ice Wizard to continue for a counter attack.
The Log: A versatile spell which is mainly used for taking out swarms. If your opponent has a Goblin Barrel, use The Log exclusively for it. You can substitute this card with Arrows if you don't have The Log.
Inferno Tower: Takes out high health units (you can substitute it with a Tombstone, but that depends on the meta). If players are using more tanks, then use Inferno Towers, but if the players are using more Elite Barbarians, then use Tombstone.
Lightning: The most important spell in this deck, as it can kill most glass cannons, stun Inferno Towers, and do some decent damage to Arena Towers.
Fire Spirits: Cheap explosives that are mostly used to take out Minions or Goblins. Pair them up with the Valkyrie and they will destroy almost any push.
Valkyrie: A defensive mini-tank used to take out swarms, glass cannons, Elite Barbarians, and Graveyard.
Archers: Archers are your main source of air defense, as their range and damage allows them to chip of air units at a distance. Since there are 2 of them, you can split push with Archers or split them to defend against splash units.


  • Make sure you place the Giant behind the King's Tower to build up Elixir since Lightning costs 6 Elixir. Sometimes, in certain situations, you can use your Giant to tank a few hits while your other troops can kill the enemy troops.
  • Make sure the Lightning can hit a Crown Tower and two other units or buildings.
    • In order to get the best out of your Lightning against an Inferno card, wait for 3 seconds after the Inferno card has locked on to something important, and then quickly cast the Lightning before the Inferno card can reach its maximum damage output.
  • If your opponent has Three Musketeers or an Inferno card, save your Lightning exclusively for them when pushing with your Giant or for defense against them should they get through your defenses.
  • If your opponent has high damage spells like Lightning make sure you keep some distance between your Inferno Tower, troops, and Crown tower.
  • If your opponent has a Mirror and a Goblin Barrel, use Fire Spirits to take out the first Goblin Barrel, since it is highly likely that the Mirrored Goblin Barrel will have higher level Goblins that can survive a Fire Spirit.
  • Don't use Valkyrie on offense. Only use her when she is still alive after defending a push, so you can set up for a counter push.
    • If your opponent has a lot of glass cannons behind a tank, use a Valkyrie and a Fire Spirits to take them out quickly before the combined damage of the glass cannons kills the Valkyrie.
  • If your opponent has Minions or a Minion Horde, save your Fire Spirits exclusively for the Minions when they are on your opponent's side (unless they have a Mirror and a Goblin Barrel).
  • If your opponent has Graveyard, use your Valkyrie exclusively for their Graveyard.
  • Always save The Log for swarms when your Giant is on offense. If your opponent is using a Princess Goblin Barrel bait deck, pressure them with a Valkyrie and save your The Log for the Goblin Barrel. If all hope is lost, you can use The Log against a Graveyard once it has accumulated a bit of Skeletons.
  • If you do not want to use any of your cards against cards like the Goblin Gang, Mega Minion, Skeleton Army, or other similar cards, use the Ice Wizard or Archers, as they are more than capable of killing weak swarms.


Giant: There are no substitutions for the Giant

Ice Wizard: You can replace Ice Wizard with Electro Wizard

The Log: You can replace The Log with Arrows.

Inferno Tower: You can replace the Inferno Tower with Tesla.

Lightning: There are no substitutions for the Lightning

Fire Spirits: You can use Ice Spirit or Mega Minion

Valkyrie: You can replace Valkyrie with Dark Prince

Archers: You can replace Archers with Dart Goblin or Musketeer

Deck archetype matchups

Beatdown decks

LavaLoon: This deck is okay against LavaLoon since there are many anti-air cards that can take down the Balloon. The Inferno Tower can easily take out the Lava Hound and the Lava Pups, Archers can do heavy damage to the Balloon and Lava Pups, while the Ice Wizard can slow down everything. If you know that your opponent has a high-damage or stunning/freezing card, place your Inferno Tower in the middle of the arena so the Lightning spell won't hit both your Inferno and Crown Tower. When using this placement, however, beware of Bandits or Mega Knights, as they can jump over the river and straight on to your Tower and the Electro Wizard can stun and cripple your Inferno Tower from your opponent's side. 6/10

Three Musketeers: This deck is decent against Three Musketeers as there are a decent amount of counters against the Three Musketeers, such as Valkyrie + Fire Spirits and Lightning. Make sure you use the Lightning exclusively against the Three Musketeers and make sure you don't have the Lightning spell target a Battle Ram, as the Battle Ram and its Barbarians can absorb all of the damage from the Lightning leaving the Three Musketeers unharmed. 7/10

P.E.K.K.A: This deck is weak against P.E.K.K.A since the P.E.K.K.A can easily take out the Giant and its supporting units. Although the Inferno Tower can stop the P.E.K.K.A on offense, there is very little you can do against a P.E.K.K.A on defense. Try to use Lightning to slowly chip away at your opponent's Crown Tower while constantly defending against the enemy's pushes. If the P.E.K.K.A player has a stun/freezing card or an Inferno card, keep them distracted long enough for your Inferno Tower to take out the P.E.K.K.A.  4/10

Golem: This deck is good against Golem decks since the Inferno Tower can easily take out the Golem while the Valkyrie can take care of the support units. However, Golem users always bring a card that can delay the Inferno Tower, so make sure you space out your Inferno Tower and troops from your Crown Tower. If the Valkyrie can't handle the support troops you can back up the Valkyrie with Fire Spirits. Beware if your opponent also has an Inferno card, as they will be able to melt through both your Inferno Tower on offense in the case of a Dragon and your Giant on defense. 7/10

Giant: This deck is good against Giant decks as Giant decks function very similarly to Golem decks. The only difference is that the Giant is weaker, so killing him will be easier than killing a Golem, but he is also cheaper so he could potentially be backed up with more support than the Golem so if there are too many support troops behind the Giant you should pair the Valkyrie with Fire Spirits. As usual, keep your Inferno Tower well defended and beware the enemy's Inferno cards, if they have any. 8/10

Siege Decks

Mortar: This deck is strong against Mortar decks since the Giant's high health can tank Mortar hits and does not get distracted by other troops. Use Archers to back up the Giant, as when the Giant is distracting the Mortar and goes after the Mortar he ignores all troops meaning that he can lose health fast from high DPS troops like the Mini P.E.K.K.A. 8/10

X-Bow: This deck is strong against X-Bow decks because X-Bow decks and Mortar decks play very similar. However, the X-Bow has more health and DPS compared to the Mortar but does not do splash damage, so you might need to spend more Elixir to defend an X-Bow. 8/10

Bait Decks

Zap Bait: This deck is decent against Zap Bait, as Fire Spirits, Valkyrie and Ice Wizard are good against dealing with swarm troops. The Log should only be used exclusively for the Goblin Barrel. Normally, your opponent will place a counter to your Giant or support troops at the middle of the Arena or close to the bridge, so if you know that your opponent uses swarms to counter your push, you can use Fire Spirits behind the Giant. 6/10

Log Bait: This deck is strong against Log bait as unlike Zap bait this deck has many counters to ground swarms and fragile troops such as Valkyrie and Fire Spirits. Like Zap Bait save your The Log exclusively for their goblin barrel. 7/10

Cycle decks

Hog Cycle: This deck is weak against Hog Cycle as this deck's main strategy is building a strong push and a Hog cycle user can just rush you with a cheap Hog combo. Even though Inferno Tower can easily stop the Hog Rider it is a negative elixir trade and it does not set up for a counter push. The most you can do is that try to build up a massive push that the Hog cycle user will have trouble defending against. 4/10

Bridge Spam: This deck is decent against Bridge spam as Valkyrie can easily take out the Bridge Spam Combo due to her high health and splash damage. The Log is useful at stopping the Battle ram and pushing the Bandit and Night Witch a bit further. 5/10

Miner Cycle: This deck might face some problems against Miner cycle since this deck does not have any good counters to Miner except for Valkyrie which is a negative elixir trade. Try to use the Lightning spell to slowly chip off the opponent's crown tower while trying to prevent as little damage as possible using the Valkyrie against the Miner Poison combo. 4/10

Rocket Cycle: This deck is weak against Rocket Cycle since Tornado and Ice Wizard can slow down the Giant push while the Rocket can either be used to damage the crown tower or taking out a huge push that you build up. You will also lose against the chip damage matchup since Rocket does more damage than Lightning. 2/10

Control Decks

Royal Giant Furnace: This deck is strong against Royal Giant Furnace as the Giant is excellent at soaking damage from the Furnace while the Inferno Tower can quickly melt the Royal Giant. Ice Wizard can slow down waves of Fire Spirits from the Furnace while the Archers and Fire Spirits can take care of any small distraction unit trying to distract the Inferno Tower from the Royal Giant. 7/10

Graveyard Poison: This deck is strong against Graveyard Poison since Valkyrie is the best counter to Graveyard Poison. Make sure you save your Valkyrie exclusively for the Graveyard Poison and always try to counter attack after defending a graveyard push. 8/10

Splashyard: This deck is a bit weaker against Splashyard since many support troops in this deck are weak to splash but this deck is capable of defending against a Splashyard deck as Valkyrie can shut down the graveyard while you can use the Giant to tank and distract the splash units while you use your Archers to take out the splash units. 7/10

Miner Poison: This deck is decent against Miner Poison as the Valkyrie and stop the Miner Poison combo while when pushing with the Giant you can use the Lightning spell to take out the Inferno troops like Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. 5/10