A combination of the Trifecta and Hog Freeze. this variant has a slightly high elixir cost, but the defense cards are interchangeable. includes things from Hog Cycle decks. It is a great deck for Clan Battles if both you and your clanmate use this deck. This deck is a variant of the Wizard Trifecta Freeze. added by SomeRandomGiantUser. (it says my name, but he added it for me).

Deck Information

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Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Card Roles

Hog Rider: Win Condition. Takes the arena tower(s) for you. can also kite cards like Elite Barbarians and Prince if used correctly.
Executioner: Great area denial. Effective against pretty much any swarm cards.
Valkyrie: For offense, it is used against any defending Skeleton Army, Archers, or just to tank a few shots from defenses until Freeze is ready. For defense, place it in the middle of a push to take out the supports.
Freeze: When used with Hog Rider, guarantees damage to the enemy tower. can freeze a Tesla underground. useful if you are trying to stop an enemy attack in a clutch situation
Tesla: Defense building. Placing it in the middle will lure all ground troops regardless of placement. It is recommended to place it so that the range of the Tesla just reaches the other side of the river.
Skeleton Army: Defense. Is vulnerable to Zap and Log, so be careful. The hard counter to most 1-shot troops like Musketeer, Elite Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Prince.
Barbarians: More defense. Vulnerable to fireball, but a hard counter to building targeting troops like the Hog Rider and the Giant.
Fireball: To take care of enemy defense Barbarians. Can be used to take a tower when time is running short. If used properly, can give you a huge positive Elixir trade.


  • Always have spare elixir unless you are doing an all out attack in a clutch situation.
  • Try to cycle back the Hog Rider quickly. Speed is key.
  • If the enemy uses a building like Cannon or Inferno Tower to defend, make sure to have a Valkyrie to tank the shots or a Freeze to disable them.
  • If the enemy rushes you with Elite Barbarians, use the Skeleton Army but be ready to summon Barbarians because Elite Barbs users usually carry Log, Zap or Arrows.
  • The Hog-Executioner-Valkyrie attack is vulnerable to Lightning.
  • When attacking, always complement the Hog Rider with a support troop or card (Freeze and/or Valkyrie for example.
  • Balloon and Lava Hound users know to place them at the very edge so they don't get aggro by the Tesla. if you know your enemy uses these cards, save the Tesla.
  • If enemy places down heavy cards e.g. Golem, Three Musketeers (AKA the 3 cancerteers) or Barbarian Hut, rush the other side with a Hog Rider because they are likely low on Elixir.


  • Tesla: it can be replaced by the Inferno Tower for better counter against tank attacks.
  • Barbarians: can be replaced by the E-Barbs, more HP and damage as well as counter-push material.
  • Skeleton Army: can be replaced by Minion Horde. Note: higher elixir cost.
  • Freeze: replace with Ice Spirit or Ice Golem if that suits your attack strategy.

Using this deck in Clan Battles

Credits to SomeRandomGiantUser for coming up with the idea and helping me with this battle deck post.

He copied my deck and joined me in clan battles. We managed to get 9 wins to 2 losses, and most of the wins are 2 stars.


The optimal attack is Hog Rider - Valkyrie - Executioner - Freeze.

One player gets the support down and the other uses the win condition and the Freeze. Fireball optional for clearing out tough defenses.


if the log or zap is lured, double skeleton army works. The 2 Tesla + 2 Executioner defense works very well against LavaLoon attacks, while double Skeleton Army/double Barbarians work well against high-health troops like Giant, Royal Giant and Golem. The 2 Tesla defense is a hard counter to Hog Rider attacks.