This deck is able to be an attack defence group. I used it to win many times and go up straight to Frozen Peak! Use it to counter and destroy your opponent!

Deck Information

Page Created by: CaiusC
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Mirror: The Mirror will copy the card that you deploy just with a 1 elixir advantage. If the opponent's cards eliminated your card, you can just deploy the card again but with a higher level.
Elite Barbarians: Elite Barbarians are good for eliminating shields due to their high damage and moderate hitpoints. And if the other cards that attack the Barbarians are killed and they get to the opponent's tower, the tower will be wiped out easily.
Minion Horde: The Minion Horde can wipe out a shield in seconds, so it is an important card in decks. They will help you deal immense damage to your opponent's troops, shields or even crown towers.
Zap: Zap can be used as a reset card. This card is really good to counter some cards like Skarmy, Minions, Goblins or even Sparky. It can also reset charge cards like Prince, Dark Prince and Battle Ram, which deal high damage to your units and towers.
Ice Wizard: lce Wizards can slow down enemy units, which lets you have time to attack opponent's units. It can also be a defence card, and will do noticeable damage on enemy units.
Graveyard: The Graveyard can be used as a surprise card as it will spawn skeletons at ANYWHERE. The skeletons will soon swarm your units and it is very good to place a Graveyard on enemy troops, which you can engage them with your crown towers.
Miner: The Miner pairs well with the Graveyard. While the tower attacks the skeletons from the Graveyard, the Miner will continue attack enemy crown towers and wipe out them easily.
Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard can constantly stun its target, and make them impossible to attack. Due to his ability, he can counter many charge cards like Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, Sparky, Prince, Dark Prince and Battle Ram. Also other weak card will be killed within the range of him.


  1. First, cast the Graveyard on the enemy Princess tower. The skeletons will distract the tower and troops around the range of the Graveyard.
  2. Then place the Miner on the same place of Graveyard. While the enemy tower focuses on the Miner, the skeletons will be left ignored and continue to deal damage on the tower. Then, mirror the Miner again on the tower.
  3. Also, the Miner can be used as a defence or surprise card. If there is a high damage troop like a Prince or Mini P.E.K.K.A, place him in front of them. He has moderate to high hitpoints, so he can withstand at least several blows of them.
  4. Then, place the Elite Barbarians. They will get to your opponent's tower easily due to their high speed, if left ignored.
  5. If your opponent try to eliminate your Elite Barbarians, cast the Zap. Or if you have no Zap in your deck, place the Electro Wizard. He will zap or destroy your opponent's swarm if the swarm is within his zap range.
  6. Then pair the Minion Horde with the Ice Wizard. The Ice Wizard will slow down the cards or towers, letting the Minion Horde to deal massive damage.
  7. Then again pair up the Electro Wizard with the Ice Wizard. and then again place the Miner on the enemy towers.
  8. Repeat the cycle to let your opponent suffer a 3 crown loss!