Deck Information

Page Created by: The Xterminator1
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Royal Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Inferno Dragon: For taking out opponent tanks, start counter.
P.E.K.K.A.: Main tank for slicing and dicing towers, but be ready for counters.
Zap: Many uses. Effective against Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, you name it. Cheap way to dispose of the opponents troops.
The Log: More damage than Zap, and so you are always ready with a defense when you need it.
Mega Minion: Defense against Hogs and other troops. Mainly when the Inferno Dragon is out of rotation.
Elite Barbarians: Either with the P.E.K.K.A. on the other lane to make them choose which to defend.
Rage: After P.E.K.K.A. and/or Elite Barbs hit the tower or Mega Minion and the tower for defense, though not recommended.
Arrows: Minion Hordes are very strong against this deck without this and no one wants anything to be strong against their deck. Save till either Minion Horde shows, or they show their whole deck.


  • One strategy is to split P.E.K.K.A. and Elite Barbarians, protect them and Rage the one that will do less damage this should put both towers very low if not destroyed.
  • A different strategy is to place P.E.K.K.A. and Elite Barbarians in the same lane, while having Arrows ready for Minion Horde, The Log for Skeleton Army and Zap for Inferno Troops against the P.E.K.K.A. then Rage while sending Inferno Dragon in the other lane.
  • The Elite Barbarians will do a lot of damage; use them to fight tanks while the P.E.K.K.A. tanks with her high hp.
  • Use Zap mainly against Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragons that are locked onto your P.E.K.K.A. as she is you main tank and damage dealer.
  • Remember Inferno Dragon can be swapped with Inferno Tower in this deck but the cost is 5 instead of 4 and you can't use it in a counter push. Either way they can be stunned and reset but otherwise stop tanks in their tracks.


  • As said earlier Inferno Dragon is mainly defence so Inferno Tower could be used instead but cost 1 more elixir and cannot be used in a counter push.
  • As said by Tommy Orangeseed, you can replace Inferno Dragon with Baby Dragon which will kill Minion Horde and other spam groups but it can't take tanks.
  • Another from Tommy is using Skeleton Army Instead of Arrows to kill Hog Riders however that forces you using zap on Minions which the Arena Tower will have to finish off but can be one shot but that means your opponent can use it in a counter push.
  • Rage can be replaced with Freeze but that is 2 more elixir and it would only be worth using if your opponent plays a counter before you freeze it otherwise either tank attack can be easily stopped.
  • Arrows can also be replaced with the Executioner as it will do splash to air and ground units and start a counter push, but costs 2 more elixir. Put the P.E.K.K.A. in front of the Executioner and you have a solid push.