This is a very cheap Elite Barbarians cycling deck I made quite some time ago! Works against Lava Hound decks fairly well. It's all abut cycling. Save Elixir and keep on making mini pushes to constantly distract your opponent. Elite Barbarians must be strong (Lvl 9-13) for this deck to work. Spells must also not be underleveled for maximum results.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Lryan8622
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 2.8

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: Your main win condition. Always pair it up with an AoE spell or Ice Golem + Zap, Ice Spirit + Zap to get rid of any distractions. Split them to counter Bomb Tower. A good alternative to Inferno Tower when it comes to countering tanks.
Ice Golem: Your meat shield. Pair it up with cheap troops like Ice Spirit and/or Skeletons during early battle to cycle. Use it with Zap to take out Minion Horde. Use it on its own with The Log to manage support troops behind an enemy tank.
Ice Spirit: A cheap and indispensable card. Use it to stop Minion Horde, Valkyrie, and the infamous Balloon Giant combo with Inferno Tower.
Skeletons: Another cheap and indispensable card. Use it with the Elite Barbarians for extra power or use it as a distraction for singe target troops. Surround area damage troops.
Arrows: A reliable AoE spell to counter The Log/Zap bait decks. Use only when necessary. Best used against Minion Horde. Use Arrows, The Log and Zap to take out 3 Musketeers. Make sure your spells are NOT underleveled.
Zap: Used for taking out Skeleton Army, forcing troops to retarget, countering Sparky, Dark Prince, Prince and weakening swarms and troops.
The Log: To clear a path for Elite Barbarians and to reset Prince and Dark Prince's charge attacks.
Inferno Tower: Your main defense against Hog Riders, Giants, P.E.K.K.A.s, Royal Giants and Balloon. Use wisely as misplacement can cost you a Tower. Use in conjunction with the above cards to maximize effect.


  • Keep on cycling to pressure opponents. Cycling is the key to using this deck.
  • If the opponent puts down a Lava Hound, rush with the Elite Barbarians with a Zap in hand.
  • If your opponent has a Bomb Tower on defense, split the Elite Barbarians at the back as aforementioned above.
  • If your opponent has Elite Barbarians as well, use your own to counter them. Otherwise, use the Ice Golem and Skeletons to kite them.
  • This deck cannot guarantee wins all the time, but it's fully functional and easy to work with. This deck is recommended for experienced players.