A balanced deck with combination of cards that match each other almost perfectly. The deck's nightmares are Poison/Graveyard and Level 10+ Hog Cycle decks.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Arno911
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 12
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: Elite Barbs are the main winning condition. They work well when you drop them and then put The Log a second after, Then, you can use Zap in case of any swarms. I prefer The Log because it does more damage than Zap and it also pushes back.
Electro Wizard: An awesome card which can stop Inferno Towers and Dragons. It can make Royal Giant deal really low damage and can stop the Elite Barbarians with support of towers as they are lured towards the Tombstone.
The Log: The Log is a very useful spell than can be a game changer in battle. One of its cool mechanics is that it can push back units and deal damage. This can stop the opponents troops from dealing a hit on your tower and can also be a positive Elixir trade. Also, if you didn't unlock The Log, then replace it with Zap.
Baby Dragon: Use Baby Dragon to support your Electro Wizard against Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang.
Tombstone: The building that costs the least Elixir in game which can stop Sparky until you cycle for your Electro Wizard or The Log/Zap.
Fireball: A finisher card and a positive Elixir trade against the Minion Horde.
Goblin Barrel: Can deal chip damage really well when combined with the Electro Wizard.
Skeleton Army: You can use Goblin Gang if you can utilize it better than Skeleton Army.


  • Combo 1 : Elite Barbarians + The Log :- The main winning combo, you can deploy Elite Barbarians for main damage. Then, you can use TheLog to kill the Skeleton Army or Goblins. Also, The Log's push back effect will also help if there is a Knight or an Ice Golem. They will get damaged as well as get pushed back. Sometimes, if you place it well, then the opponents Tower will take in the damage.
  • Combo 2 : Electro Wizard + Baby Dragon + Goblin Barrel :- One really huge damage dealing combo when your Electro Wizard or Baby Dragon takes aggro. Send in the Goblin Barrel for extra damage.
  • Combo 3 : Electro Wizard + Goblin Barrel :- Same as above but a little bit low in damage.
  • Combo 4: Electro Wizard + The Log + Elite Barbarians :- Electro Wizard to stun incoming towers or troops that are attacking the Elite Barbarians. The Log is used to destroy the Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army. This is the highest Elixir combo because it actually gets in to play when you have the Electro Wizard defending a tank card without any support.