Get your electric game on!

Deck Information

Page Created by: FishAreBlue
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Sparky: A good damage dealer, and considered a great tank.
Electro Wizard: Use his drop damage to take down swarms, good for resetting troops.
Zap: Good for resetting troops and taking down swarms.
Tesla: The BANE of Royal Giants, and can't be taken down by a spell due to hiding after attacking.
Lightning: Good for taking out pesky AoE behind tanks, and can miraculously reset troops.
Valkyrie: Takes out almost all mini-tanks, but support her for air.
Miner: Tanking for the E-Wiz and Sparky, and a good distracting troop.
Tornado: Great with the Sparky, as it can pile troops on top of another while the Sparky takes them out.


As you can tell, this deck has many cards that relate to electricity (E-Wiz, Sparky, Zap), and they should be used together for maximum potential.

  • First, place your E-Wiz or Sparky in the back. This will build up elixir, as both cards aren't really fast and are all the way in the back. Then, follow up with the Valkyrie in the front, or Miner all the way at the back of the arena tower. Either way, they will tank for the E-Wiz or Sparky as they deal damage.
    • Now, it is possible to start with three spells and a tower, so the best play in that situation would be to play the Tesla in the middle. In case the opponent has tanks coming up, cycle the deck until you get the Tesla. By that time, you will have the right counters.
    • If you don't start with Sparky and E-Wiz, place the Valkyrie all the way in the back, or the Miner in the front for chip damage.
  • Then, you want to defend for the big push you played. You can pre-Lightning if you know your opponent will respond to the push.
    • This is where I usually get a crown.