Hey, this isn't my deck but since I think it's going to be meta soon, I'm sharing it.

Deck Information

Page Created by: ModdingArt
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Electro Wizard: Part of the main push. Another good feature is that when the Electro Wizard attacks he forces the tower to lock retarget, this can be useful to force the tower to switch to a tank such as Bowler or Ice Golem.
Graveyard: Another one of your main cards. Graveyard should always be used with a tank to protect the spawned skeletons, which often results high damage inflicted to the Crown Tower.
Bowler: The tank of the main push. This is who you want the Crown Tower to lock onto before playing Graveyard. Bowler also excels at countering spawner decks.
Fireball: This is mainly used for defence. It can take out or cripple most medium hit point troops. Try to aim for the clumped up support units in the push before sweeping them up with Zap or Elite Barbarians.
Mega Minion: Another mini-tank which can also take out most medium hit point troops with the help of an Arena Tower. Can pick off Archers and Barbarians with ease.
Ice Golem: For 2 elixir, this card offers so much value. On offence they can act as a meat-shield for the other troops and increase their potential damage output. On defence, they can distract troops, slow them upon death and can easily be developed into a counter push. Value!
Elite Barbarians: These can be used to either destroy medium hit point to high hit point troops on defence, or shred through towers while being tanked for by Bowler or Ice Golem. Vulnerable to swarms and Barbarians.
Zap: Can take out small swarms and can be used in Fireball + Zap combo to wipe out most of the support units in a push. Zap should mainly be used with Elite Barbarians to clear the way.


On Offence

  • Ice Golem with Elite Barbarians and if opponent places Skeleton Army, then drop Zap.
  • Bowler with Electro Wizard and Graveyard can destroy arena tower easily.
  • Mega Minion/Bowler+Graveyard as Mega Minion can tank and Graveyard can deal damage. If you use Bowler instead of Mega Minion, then make sure to have Fireball ready for air defence and Zap for Mega Minion to destroy small troops distracting it.
  • Mega Minion/Electro Wizard + Ice Golem can do chip damage.

On Defence

  • Fireball + Zap can take out medium hp troops and completely shut down most pushes.
  • For Goblin Barrel use Bowler. Place the Bowler behind your tower for maximum effect. However, depending on the situation, it may be a better idea to place it at the front to tank damage.
  • Ice Golem + Mega Minion can destroy Elite Barbarians. However, you must kite the Elite Barbarians using the Ice Golem. You can do this by placing Ice Golem near the river (maximum 3 tiles away) and near the middle of your side.