Deck Information

Page Created by: Miscalcified
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Card Roles

Electro Wizard: Stun/Zap or reset Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon or Sparky. Also great against air troops like Balloon.
Furnace: Chip damage and to get rid of any pesky Goblin Gangs, Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes for your Miner.
Miner: The Miner is your main win condition. Can deal good chip damage to the Crown Towers. The Miner can also tank for your other troops.
Executioner: Executioner is your main splash troop. Executioner can get rid of swarms like Minion Horde quickly; works well with Tornado on defense.
Dart Goblin: Chip damage, Log bait, also good for taking down Balloons and sniping buildings.
The Log: To get rid of ground swarms like Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, and also Goblin Barrel.
Goblin Gang: Use Goblin Gang for swarming single target troops, also good as Log bait.
Tornado: Tornado is for pulling troops to its center, this make it a great combo with Executioner. Can also be used activate your King's Tower early.


  • Deploy Miner to enemy's tower if you have it, then play the Furnace.
  • Wait for any Lava Hounds or Balloons; then use Dart Goblin and/or Executioner.
  • Try and get as much chip damage on one tower.
  • Watch out for Elite Barbarians, use the Goblin Gang to counter them, but watch out for spells, such as The Log.
  • Try to always have a Tornado and Furnace in your hand.
  • If the opponent uses Inferno Tower, use your E-Wiz.