Hello again! It is once again I, Kirnemiscrits, bringing you yet another Trifecta deck!!!! This one is another defense-property Trifecta deck, this time with my new legendary, the Ice Wiz.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Kirnemiscrits
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Valkyrie: As I have stated before, Valkyrie is a very reliable tank to take out pesky Skarmies and/or Magi and/or any soft ranged unit. She is also part of the Trifecta and may lead minor pushes is the need arises.
Hog Rider: The building-striking man can lead pushes for you, along with Valkyrie. He is part of the Trifecta and can seriously pressure enemies with his speed and danger.
Wizard: He is here for now, instead of Witch, because he has air control and Trifecta help capabilities. His dazzling power may even cause win conditions, which this deck lacked.
Skeleton Army: Larry and his allies are once again deemed a defensive necessity, because they really are. You can stop Prince, distract Infernos, Zap bait, or even help in offense to overwhelm the enemies.
Ice Wizard: I just got him yesterday, and you can ask SGRU how cool he really is. He can hard-support a Trifecta push with his slowing powers, and can act as spell bait. Also a nice air/ground defense when paired. In case you don't have him, replace him with anything you want.
Musketeer: Sharpshooter here completes the Trifecta while still offering immense air defense, and can do decent single-target damage anytime. If you feel like it, replace her with Archers or Spear Gobs.
Zap: What is a good deck without the almighty Zap? You know what to do with it.
Fireball: My friend recently told me that you need 2 damage spells for versatility, so here's a great push-stopping card.


  • Do normal Trifecta placements while having spells and/or Skarmy in your remaining hand.
    • Place your Trifecta in a good and oriented way. Place the Musketeer in the back when you reach 10 elixir. If your opponent sends in any type of tank, then counterattack and put the Valkyrie. Choosing any way to do this, you can still place the Hog with them to deal damage. If the Minion Horde is placed, then either put the Fireball or place the Ice Wizard and then Zap it, as the Ice Wizard can kill Minions in a single hit if Zapped.
  • If you feel like it, add any of the 2 Magi in the push for extra power.
  • If the need arises, simply send minor pushes, like Hog/Wiz or Valk/Ice Wiz.
    • Hog Rider and Wizard: These two are medium health troops that can care for each others needs. The Hog can deal most of the damage while the Wizard takes care of swarms. Get your Fireball ready if your opponent places the Valkyrie or the Knight, as this will eliminate them.

Deckshop results

-- As of 4-8-17, News Royale announced the startup of "Deckshop", a site made by Orange Juice as a site to judge decks. I tried it out, and tested on this deck. These are the results:
Defense: Great!

Offense: Good

Counters: Good

Synergies: Good

-- Take this judgement with a grain of salt! The deck's only problem was it lacked buildings, and Deckshop says it can finely have no problem with any Arena 6 and below cards.