This deck is aptly named DaUnderworld because it has 2 Fire cards, 1 underground Card, 1 undead card, and 1 cave card.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Fightingj
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

The Log: Kill all the ground swarms and push back enemy cards.
Miner: Tank for a counter push and Lava Pups, or van be used defensively in emergencies.
Electro Wizard: Zap Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons, Sparkies, and other enemies! His spawn damage also useful against swarms.
Lava Hound: Your main win condition and tank. Great with Miner or Electro Wizard.
Skeleton Army: This army will swarm your enemies! Kill single target troops easily.
Inferno Tower: Melt down even the toughest of tanks.
Bats: A new addition to the game, these big eared menaces can take out lots of air cards and chip away at ground cards.
Arrows: A plain old bunch of arrows, raining down from the sky. Kill any of pesky swarms easily.


  • Offensive Strategy:
    • To start your push, place your Lava Hound in the back when you reached 10 ELixir. Then start place down your Electro Wizard, and then put Miner when the enemy's Arena Tower targeted the Lava Hound. This push is highly effecient, but watch out for swarms that can defeat the push easily. To avoid this, use your Arrows.
    • Another great offensive strategy is to put Miner and then put Bats and/or Skeleton Army. The Miner will tank all the damage and the Skeletons and/or Bats will quickly destroy the tower if left uncountered. However this push is very risky and most effective played at counter push.
  • Defensive Strategy:
    • Inferno Tower is your main defensive building and used to counter strong building-targeting troops. Inferno is also a good Zap bait so you can used your Skeleton Army.
    • Your swarms like Bats and Skeleton Army are great against single-target troops and building-targeting troops. They both have good DPS for their cheap cost.
    • Miner can be used defensively too. Since he has great amount of health. His appear-in-everywhere ability can be used to take down glass cannons behind a tank.