A basic spell bait deck that's good for tournaments, challenges, and Arena 8-11 ladder.

Deck Information

Page Created by: IHeartSupercell
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Card Roles

Hog Rider: Your main win condition. Use this to hammer down on your opponent's tower!
Poison: Has an element of surprise, since not many people use Poison. Clears the way for your Hog Rider.
The Log: Swarm counter if you don't have Poison in rotation, and also a Princess killer. Use Zap if you do not have this legendary card.
Princess: Control card or chip card, use to defend against swarms. Use Electro Wizard or the Wizard if you are missing this card.
Goblin Barrel: Your other win condition. Use to lure out spells, or pair up with Hog Rider once the opponent uses their spells.
Inferno Tower: Your main defense against tanks. If you opponent decides to Zap this, make use of it to deploy your swarm troops to take out their tank as a second option OR use Hog+Goblin Barrel.
Skeleton Army: Bait/Defense card. High risk, high reward. You generally want to lure out spells before deploying this.
Goblin Gang: Your second swarm card which you use if opponent kills Skeleton Army. Also, good with Hog Rider if opponent has no spells.


  • DO NOT be an aggressive player when using this deck, as your can be overwhelmed easily.
  • If you want this to be less susceptible to anti Zap bait decks, switch out Skarmy with Ice Golem for a cheap distraction and mini tank.
  • Aim for positive elixir trades, and then go for counter pushes with you surviving troops.
  • This deck is best when used in double elixir, as it becomes a great cycle/chip deck.