FREEZE! DON'T MOVE! Control the flow of the arena with the power of Ice! Then make them feel the burn with Wizard and Baby Dragon, to clear the way for your Hog Rider!

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

Card Roles

Hog Rider: This is your main win condition. Pair him with Freeze to nullify any defences to land a few extra hits. If you're a little short on elixir then use an Ice Golem to tank or an Ice Spirit for a discount freeze. When any of these frosty troops damage Minions or Goblins then Zap it to quickly take them out. Since the Hog Rider has pretty tanky, you can place him in front of Goblin Gang to really pressure a lane.
Ice Golem: For 2 elixir you get a mini-tank, the number 1 kiting unit and a frost nova that destroys skeletons and lowers the health of Goblins and Minions to a zappable level. Even in death an Ice Golem is useful! He is your primary tank for your Hog Rider, Wizard and Baby Dragon, since he can dramatically increase the potential damage out put of your troops. he shouldn't be used to tank for Goblin Gang unless it's on defence, otherwise the Goblins run past the Ice Golem.
Ice Spirit: A discount Freeze! The living snowball should be paired with Hog Rider to immobilize any defending units, allowing your Hog Rider to land some extra hits while any your support units deal with the threat. A strong openeing push at the beginning of the Match is Hog Rider + Ice Spirit. The Ice Spirit also has enough hp to reach and freeze the Crown Tower so another strong opener is Ice Spirit + Goblin Gang. One synergy you must know is Ice Spirit + Zap, which allows you to clear Minions for the same cost as Arrows while also cycling your deck.
Freeze: Nullify their defences with Freeze to let whatever units you have deal additional damage. Despite it's powerful presence on the arena, it will leave one mighty counter push heading your way if you don't deal with the defending troops there and then. This is why the Freeze should only be used with the appropriate backup troops such as Wizard and Goblin Gang. On defence, you can pair it with either Wizard or Goblin Gang. Wizard if they are all clumped up and Goblin Gang if you want to quickly take out the support troops.
Wizard: A high dps unit that throws fireballs everywhere. He is a superb anti-air due to his splash damage and ability to 1-shot Minions. he should mainly be used on defence but if he survives, try to tank for him with the Hog Rider since the Wizard can easily protect the Hog Rider.
Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon may be the heaviest hitter but he flies so he can attack ground units such as Barbarians without retaliation. Since he is quite tanky, he can be used to tank for Goblin Gang. i don't recommend using him to tank for the Hog Rider since he is much more useful clearing up swarms and other defending units. You can use the Baby Dragon to snipe Buildings in the middle of the Arena without being targeted by the Arena Towers.
Zap: 2 elixir, instant effect and stuns. It is the lifelines for your Hog Rider. Without it, he would never get past the Skeleton Army. Zap works great in tandem with Ice Golem. Together, they can wipe out Minions and Minion Horde. Its stun also helps against any channeled abilities or attacks, before forcing them to retarget to the nearest troop afterwards.
Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a strong defensive and offensive card. It can be used to counter units such as Musketeer and Hog Rider for a positive elixir trade before being converted into a counter push with either a Hog Rider or Ice Spirit tanking. Pair with freeze to counter larger pushes by focusing on the support units before moving on to the tank. However, they can be countered by Arrows so be wary


  • Never start with the Hog rider, defend until you see hog rider and ice golem, Wizard or Goblin Gang is the best way to defend!
  • Put an ice golem on front, followed by hog rider and Ice spirit
  • If opponent uses some defensive troops (Especially Mini P.E.K.K.A., Prince, Lumberjack and Night Witch), Freeze them all in case they're strong enough to take down the Hog Rider.
  • Ignore the Skeleton Army if the Ice Golem is still alive, as it's frost nova will destroy the army, if the ice golem is dead however, zap the entire army so the hog rider won't be overwhelmed
  • Wizard and Baby Dragon might be a great way to stop Minion Horde from killing the Hog Rider.
    • Goblin Gang/Zap and Ice Spirit/ Ice Golem works too!
  • Goblin Gang and Wizard can be used to stop tanks as they both have high DPS, even if the Goblin Gang is killed, Wizard's high DPS will finish the rest of the work