This is a good deck if you don't have any legendaries, but want a fast, lightweight deck to reach Royal Arena.


Deck Information

Page Created by: SuperRobot9338
Minimum Recommended King Level: 3
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Arrows: Can take out swarms reliably and finish off towers. It's not used too often, but it is critical for survival.
Fire Spirits: It deals even greater damage to swarms and is a powerful source of chip damage.
Bomber: This is similar to the Fire Spirits, but can't attack air, though for much greater damage.
Minions: This is good for chip damage when the opponent lacks splash damage and can take out offensive troops such as the Musketeer and Balloon with ease.
Hog Rider: The ultimate offence. Use it for massive damage, possibly paired with the other troops in the deck.
Valkyrie: An excellent counter to swarms, and also a decent tank. Combine it with the other troops for a good push.
Musketeer: This card is a great sniper, finishing off air troops and dealing heavy damage on offence. Pair it with a tank for pushes.
Witch: The linchpin of the deck; use it with care as it is the best card against tanks in this deck, the most reliable splash troop, and one of the most effective ranged offensive troops here.


  • Minions and/or Bomber+Fire Spirits or Fire Spirits (+Musketeer): The standard defensive combo. Will be referred to as the Boom Unit in other combos.
  • Hog Rider+Boom Unit: Another cheap & effective Hog Rider push; use it well. With Fire Spirits, use a Pig Push.
  • Hog Rider+Witch (+Minions/Musketeer): A more expensive combo, should be used when having an Elixir advantage.
  • Valkyrie+Boom Unit: The standard basic push if the Hog Rider is out of rotation; use this mainly as a counter-push.
  • Valkyrie+Witch (+Minions/Musketeer): A more expensive push without the Hog — use this as an enhanced counter-push.
  • Valkyrie+Hog Rider+Boom Unit/[Witch+Minions/Musketeer]: The most powerful push. Use it when you have a massive Elixir advantage.

Counters & Counter-Counters

  • Any tank: Use the arsenal of low-cost cards to inflict damage on the tank, while also being careful not to waste too much Elixir. This is the main weakness of the deck, so if the opponent is running a tank-based deck with Giant or Golem combos, or the Double P.E.K.K.A., then you should play defensively.

General Strategy

Early Game

  • Try to start a quick push if the Hog Rider is in rotation; if not, wait for the enemy to first deploy cards before counter pushing.
  • Place your Valkyrie, Bomber, or Musketeer in the back to gain elixir for a big push.

Middle Game

  • Push with whatever push you want to, and support them with the right troops.
  • Make sure to not waste all of your elixir, as you still need some to defend for the opponent's push.

Late Game

  • Be sure to focus on defence if you're winning; this deck does not have swarms, so one must always be alert and decisive in countering tanks.
  • If you're losing, build up Elixir for larger pushes that can't be easily countered.

Alternative Cards